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Frequently askedquestionsSYNERGY HomeCare
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I need to speak with someone after business hours?
I have medical insurance and I’m not sure if it covers home care. Will SYNERGY HomeCare verify coverage before starting service?
Is Medicare or Medicaid available for non-medical in-home care?
What different services do you offer?
Can you do short-term senior care?
Can you care for someone in a facility (hospital, nursing home or assisted living)?
What if a loved one needs to relocate while receiving SYNERGY HomeCare services?
Do I have to sign a contract locking me into services?
How often do I get billed for services?
Is there any additional cost to me?
Do you accept credit card payments?
What should I be looking for in a non-medical home care agency?
How long will it take to get a caregiver?
How do you select my caregiver?