Memory Care

Memory Care

When your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia, understanding the disease and identifying the right family caregiver resources and support can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 

Rest assured, SYNERGY HomeCare is here to help you navigate through uncharted waters and create peace of mind in caring for your loved one experiencing dementia or memory loss. 

Our person-centered Convergence of Care model is built upon five pillars of support.

What is Person-Centered Care?
Person-centered dementia care is a way of providing care that is focused on knowing the unique person through respectful close relationships that foster normalcy, choice, purpose, belonging, security and strengths.  – Alzheimer’s Association

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we bring together the best tools and resources, along with caregiver talents and specialized training, to deliver a customized care solution for your loved one experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia.

Pillar 1: Brain Health Pillar 2: Companionship and Safety Pillar 3: Sensory Stimulation Pillar 4: Caregiver Training Pillar 5: Family Resource Guide


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For those living with dementia or memory loss, staying active and engaged can be the key to living joyfully. SYNERGY HomeCare delivers personalized, wholehearted, life-energizing Memory Care through stimulating and engaging activities, conversations and music, plus enhanced companionship through nostalgic entertainment, and even robotic therapy pets. Additionally, advanced safety precautions are taken to reduce wandering or other associated behavioral concerns by offering technology solutions such as in-home medical alerts and remote patient monitoring, providing full support for fuller lives.


  • Personalized care and engagement
  • Provides the continuity to stay in a familiar surrounding and privacy of their home
  • Supports dementia-related decline and associated behavioral concerns
  • Minimizes associated safety concerns such as sundowning and risks of wandering
  • Provides the flexibility and adaptability needed, ranging from occasional family caregiver respite support, to live-in/24-hour care or a change in setting

Memory Care Family Resource Guide

Request a FREE e-download of our Memory Care Family Resource Guide to help equip you in caring for your loved one living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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Caregiving includes caring for yourself. SYNERGY HomeCare’s Respite Care support gives hard working family members a much-needed break from the daily routine of caregiving. Whether you need a few hours away or an extended vacation, Respite Care gives you time to refresh and recharge, with the confidence that your loved one experiencing dementia or memory loss is receiving the best possible care.

Having a support system of trained SYNERGY HomeCare professionals at the ready makes caring for a loved one experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia more manageable – and sustainable. Respite Care support not only reduces the physical and mental exhaustion of family caregiver burnout, it also relieves stress, restores energy and promotes a healthy life balance to keep you moving forward.

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Saltbox TV

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to partner with Saltbox TV, the first-ever streaming service dedicated to connecting older adults with diverse, informative, and engaging programming. Through a simple, user-friendly platform, Saltbox TV welcomes even those with no technical experience to stream programing from music, faith, classic film & television, lifelong learning, wellness, documentaries, arts and crafts, Saltbox Originals, and everything in between. Even better? Saltbox TV is a FREE resource for family caregivers and their loved ones.

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