SYNERGY HomeCare of Westwood serves the greater Boston area including Allston, Auburndale, Brighton, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Hyde Park, Milton, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Quincy, Roslindale, West Roxbury and Westwood.

The people behind our home care

Meet Our Team

Uma Das Munshi | Owner

The company is owned and operated by Uma Das Munshi, a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in caregiving and leadership roles.
Uma is well versed in the continuum of care. In the past, she developed entire staffing divisions dedicated to hospice and more specifically, home care. After years of hands-on interactions with clients, Uma finally decided it was time to venture into the world of business ownership with SYNERGY HomeCare.
Uma believes in treating clients as if they were members of her own family. After spending much of the past two years caring for her mother, who is a cancer survivor, Uma understands just how important offering that type of care to other families can be.
When she’s not assisting clients or spending time caregiving, Uma also dedicates herself to spending time with her husband, their two children, and their two dogs. Uma’s husband is also heavily invested in the caregiving process, as he is a military veteran who now spends his time overseeing environmental services within nursing facilities.
Uma is excited to extend her services to the greater Boston community, from companion care, personal care, post-operative care or support living with a chronic condition.

Our promise to you: care that moves you

Life is in constant motion. From the time we smile our first smile, ride our first bike, find our first home or embrace our first grandchild, it just keeps moving. And a moving life is a full one. But sometimes, life can take a turn that slows us down, or even stops us in our tracks. That’s where SYNERGY HomeCare comes in. To keep the basic needs of your life effortlessly moving forward. So you can focus on what moves you and get the most out of every day.

We guide with purpose

We take a strong lead with a kind hand in what can be a stressful, uncertain time in your life. By charting an assured course and making certain that you and your family members understand what’s happening, we can keep you comfortable every step of the way.
Great care comes from confidence, and confidence is contagious. We know what we’re doing and we’re always striving to do it better. One of the things we do best is relate to people on a personal level. And when you do something well, it breeds confidence. In you, and everyone around you. That’s why our clients, employees and franchise owners are so confident, too.

Our Clients’ Well-being is Priority

Empathy. Loyalty. Compassion. Trust.

These are the expectations we have of all of our caregivers and home care specialists– because they are the same expectations we would have of anyone caring for our own children or aging family member.

 Neponset River Regional Chamber  

What Our Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend Synergy Homecare. Exceptional care. Comprehensive, kind and sympathetic. Individualized for exactly for what my elderly mom and dad needed. Exceptional assessment and care planning. Synergy is one of the best healthcare groups we were so fortunate to have been referred to during a difficult time of health crisis. Highly recommend.
~Laura L.

I have used this service for over two years. The principles (owners) and staff have been overly helpful and considerate. I would recommend this Company without hesitation. Great and professional staff who provide a very critical service where needed.
~Theresa R.

Synergy is the best.  Their aides are very competent, which speaks well of Synergy’s recruiting and/or interviewing process. I strongly recommend Synergy to someone who is looking for aides to care for an elderly parent.
~Carl R.

I will forever be grateful to Synergy for providing us with heartfelt care for those most difficult months. Peter Sakellariou and his wife Shannon are the spirit of Synergy. I would only hope that everyone would have the blessing of their care for a loved one.
~Elaine B.

SYNERGY sent the most wonderful caregiver to be with my mother in her final days. While we only had a few times, she brought calm, confident expertise during a very difficult time. We are very grateful to SYNERGY for their support. 
~Kate H.

When we learned of the Synergy Team lead by Peter Sakelleriou, it was like breath of fresh air. After our Aunt lost her battle with cancer, it wasn’t long before our Uncle was in need of in-home care as well. The peace and caring that was offered again by the Synergy team was beyond wonderful. But that is Synergy’s method, always willing to go above and beyond for the benefits of those in their care. Both my wife and I could not be more appreciative of the efforts the Synergy team offered in the care of these two very special people in our lives. We would recommend them highly. Thanks again to the Synergy Home Care Team for their efforts on our behalf.
~George L.

I like the attention of detail from the very top. I like how several people are aware of the case and will contact you. They pay attention to make a good match.
~Rose W.

I have a special needs adult child and SYNERGY HomeCare is one of the only agencies that would work with him. SYNERGY HomeCare is very personable and actually came and met with me and with the caregiver. My son is not difficult, but I have had two other agencies that were not capable of helping him.  There is a lot of communication between the office and myself. The office checks in on the aide and with me. I once left for four days and the people at the office made sure everything was in order and came and walked me through what was going to happen. They were very very good to make sure I was comfortable.

SYNERGY HomeCare helped me find somebody who would be the best fit. They researched very hard. They thought about who would be best. There are few agencies that would care like my caregiver does at SYNERGY HomeCare. I am grateful for her. It’s not easy to relinquish myself from his care, but my caregiver makes it easy.   She gives me peace of mind. I don’t have to schedule my life as much anymore. I don’t have to worry.  She gives him his meals and plays with and just takes care of him. She lets me have a breather.
~Catherine C.

SYNERGY HomeCare is excellent. They do what they say they are going to do. They have come up with good people. They are on time and trustworthy. It takes a big burden off of me for my wife with Alzheimer’s at home. Our caregiver Pat will clean the house, talk to my wife and keep her comfortable and sociable, and she is available when we need her.  I know she cares because she is like a friend. I appreciate that she is caring, friendly, and capable.