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Caregiver of the Month – Danya Colon-Gomes

SYNERGY HomeCare is pleased to announce our new Caregiver of the Month, Danya Colon-Gomes. I had an opportunity to interview Danya and learn more about her as a caregiver. Danya has been a caregiver for twelve years. She started working with her great grandma who needed care and really liked being there for her and wanted to continue doing this type of work professionally.

Danya enjoys helping people who cannot help themselves. With one client, in particular who has trouble walking, Danya helps her by doing a stand-by assist and the client is so appreciative and always says thank you. On a typical day, Danya helps her clients with breakfast, showering, medication reminders and cleaning house. She enjoys tidying the client’s homes and keeping it organized because this is something they aren’t able to do on their own. 

Being a caregiver is not an easy job. It is very hard when the client has to go to the hospital, or gets very ill or passes away. Like many caregivers, Danya gets attached to her clients and is working on having such instances not take such an emotional toll on her. 

When asked what Danya enjoys most about working at SYNERGY, she says that she has the flexibility to pick her own schedule and she can choose which clients she wants to work with. 

With one 94 year old client, “Claire-Bear,” Danya shares how they would dance together to all types of music. “Claire-Bear” walks on her own and though she has moved on to a nursing home, these are the moments that are special to Danya. These are the moments that motivate her to do well everyday and why she is our Caregiver of the Month.