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Caregiver of the Month – Islyn Sprott

We are so excited to announce Islyn Sprott as our new Caregiver of the Month. Islyn has been a caregiver with SYNERGY since 2019. She met Peter Sakellariou (the owner) while she was working privately with a man in Boston doing part-time caregiving. She liked the work and decided to go to school to get certified as a Home Health Aide. 

Islyn loves her job and tries to go above and beyond her role with each client. She says that safety comes first. She has learned a lot from working with SYNERGY and is up for any challenge that may come her way. She stays focused, mindful and humble, and that allows her to conquer any difficulties. 

When Islyn arrives at her current client’s home, she gets breakfast ready and helps with her shower. They have a good routine going and Islyn makes sure her client stays hydrated and eats well. Around 3:00 pm, they sit together and enjoy some companionship. Islyn checks on the laundry and makes sure her client is comfortable with the way she does any task.

Islyn recommends working at SYNERGY and says that the management is great. They have always been able to work well together and she’s proud to represent the agency as a lead caregiver. If someone wants to become a caregiver, Islyn advises that it’s important to love what you do. “Your heart and mind have to be in the right place.”

Islyn remembers one client, in particular, who called her Isabella and always requested her. She said that she was beautiful. They had a special bond and Islyn said she was her light. With each client, she tries her best to make them comfortable and to laugh. It is clear that Islyn’s heart is in the right place and she is so deserving of this honor. Congratulations!