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Caregiver of the Month – Gladys Koranteng

SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Boston is pleased to announce our new caregiver of the month – Gladys Koranteng. Gladys has been a dedicated caregiver for fifteen years and has been with the agency since 2019. Prior to this career, Gladys was a social worker working with people who had behaviorial issues. Once she had kids, she wanted a job that allowed for more flexibility, so she made the change into caregiving. 

Gladys enjoys the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients. She likes it when the client appreciates what she does and when she knows that she’s doing the right thing for the client. At times, it can be a challenge when the family wants her to do things in a different way, but she tries the best she can to keep everyone pleased. 

A typical day involves Gladys going into the client’s home early and helping the client with eating breakfast. She then chats with the client, gives him/her the medications and when the client is ready, she helps with toileting. She washes, cleans and changes the clients clothes and helps get ready for bed. She likes to give the client choices when it comes to picking out pajamas. It helps the client feel in charge. 

Gladys really enjoys working at SYNERGY and feels that the owners, Peter and Shannon, are really good listeners. They put her first and care about her. Through tears she said she “is treated like family.”

If someone wants to become a caregiver, Gladys advises that the person follow the rules of the agency. If they have questions, it’s best to ask the office directly. Everything should go through the agency. 

Gladys has had many special moments with clients. She shared that she enjoys when the clients get excited to share their stories. Even if she’s heard them 20 times, it gives them pleasure to tell the stories over and over. She especially likes it when her clients tell the stories of how they met their spouse. This brings them great joy. 

It is clear that Gladys Koranteng is dedicated to her role as a caregiver. She is loving and caring and puts her all into her career. We are so grateful to have her on our team and she is quite deserving of this terrific honor.