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Camping with Elderly Parents: Tips to Make the Trip Fun and Comfortable For Them

Senior Care in Cypress TX

Senior Care in Cypress TX

As a family caregiver it is often difficult to plan a camping trip that is suitable for your family, as well as your elderly parent. It is important to keep in mind that there may be limits to some of the activities your parent is able to do while camping and there may be some adjustments you’ll have to make for the trip. However, just because they are older, doesn’t mean your parents can’t still enjoy an adventurous camping trip. Here are some tips to make a camping trip that includes elder care a safe, fun adventure.

Plan Ahead

Planning and preparations are essential for any camping trip, but even more so if you are bringing your elderly parents with you. If possible, choose a campground that is close to home, so you don’t have to travel very far and if your parent has a home care provider, if the campground is close enough, they may be able to come to the campground to assist your parent if necessary. Choose a campground that offers amenities and activities that make the stay more comfortable for your entire family. Be prepared for unexpected situations, such as bad weather. Bring proper outside clothing for everyone, including appropriate rain gear.

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

It is common to sleep on the ground when camping, but this may not be the ideal sleeping arrangement for the elderly, especially if they have special needs due to arthritis or other health problems. An ideal solution is to bring along an air mattress or a cot with a comfortable mattress. Make sure to bring an extra blanket for them in case it gets chilly at night.

Include Their In-Home Care Provider

If your elderly currently has an in-home care provider, consider asking the home care provider if they are able to travel with you. Taking the elder care provider who is accustomed to your parent’s routine, medications reminders and habits will allow you to know your parent is safe at the campsite, while doing activities that your parent is unable to do.

Senior Friendly Activities

Don’t forget to plan activities that your parent can participate in as well. Some activities that may be suitable for the elderly include:

  • Fishing
  • Short walks
  • Playing games
  • Telling campfire stories

It is important that you are patient and willing to make some compromises on your camping trip. Bringing an elderly parent camping with your family may mean extra work, effort and preparations, but it will make them feel as though they are a part of the group. It is also good for them socially and their health  to get out of their house, mingle with family and friends and get some sunshine and fresh air.

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