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Growing Concern Of Isolation In Seniors

SYNERGY HomeCare reports 35% of those interested in In-Home Care have no local help for aging loved ones

SYNERGY HomeCare shows 70% increase in online interest since initial pandemic impact

Gilbert, Arizona (August 4, 2020) – SYNERGY® HomeCare, a leading national in-home care organization with nearly 350 locations around the U.S., has showcased a service gap for seniors living on their own. Over the last six months, online inbound inquiries to the company revealed that 35.1% of visitors lacked local support to assist in companion or personal care for aging family members.

Respondents were predominantly adult children looking for services for their loved ones (78.2%) with only 17.9% of inquiries coming from potential clients seeking care services for themselves.

“The research reminds us that so many of our aging loved ones lack a local support system,” said Charlie Young, SYNERGY HomeCare CEO. “And, especially during COVID-19, we need to be overtly aware of the challenges of isolation, especially for seniors. The data also spotlights the responsibility younger generations face to be in tune with aging loved ones to help them maintain their quality of life, something that can be accomplished through local in-home care.”

While many believe home care is a daily service, 27.4% of visitors were looking for care just 1-2 days per week with 47.9% desiring 4 days or less a week. Interestingly, 41.1% were looking for care in the morning, 29.6% greater than those inquiring about afternoon or evening assistance.

According to Young, any form of in-home care can improve seniors’ lives. “This does not necessarily mean immediately having full-time in-home care,” he said. “Many clients start with a few hours a week, oftentimes with simple companion care, usually in the morning, and then progress to more care if needed. Every client has different needs and flexibility is important.”

Young also pointed out that as the nation emerges from COVID-19 quarantine measures, inquiries to SYNERGY HomeCare have risen more than 70% from April.

“Clients who were understandably concerned about having caregivers in the home during the height of the virus, are increasingly more willing to welcome them to provide the invaluable assistance,” Young said. “Our franchisees also share that as many adult children return to work, they no longer have the time nor energy to devote to assisting their loved ones with activities of daily life (ADLs). Our franchisees have worked to adhere to safety measures issued by the CDC, OSHA and state and local health departments to ensure the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers. There is no doubt that caregivers need to be considered heroes of the pandemic as they have continuously provided care for so many.”

Other findings include:

  • The most common requests for care related to overall aging (39.9%), dementia (20.2%) and assisting the disabled (14.5%).
  • The desire for 7-day care was almost the same as for 1-2 days, 29.9% vs. 27.4%, respectively. Interestingly, the desire for 5-days of coverage was of least interest (20.1%).

Data points were derived from an analysis of thousands of online consumer inquiries to from January through June 2020.

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With over 15 years of brand equity, SYNERGY HomeCare is one of the largest franchisors of in-home care services with approximately 162 franchisees operating with nearly 350 franchise locations nationwide. The company provides a range of services including non-medical personal care, companion care, and specialized care for individuals who are physically or developmentally disabled, living with chronic health conditions or recovering from illness or surgery. SYNERGY HomeCare helps their clients achieve the highest quality of life and independence attainable. For more information visit

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