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4 Great Gifts For A Senior Parent That Is Far Away

Companion Care at Home in Shepherd MT

Finding a gift for a senior parent can be difficult. It’s even harder when you live far away. If you’re not on site with your senior parent and you don’t see them often you probably don’t really know what kinds of items they need. And the last thing they need is more stuff that they won’t use cluttering up the house. If you are searching for a great gift for your senior parent that you live far away from, some gifts that any senior would appreciate include:

Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home is a fantastic gift for a senior loved one that lives at home and doesn’t get out as often as they should. With companion care at home seniors are much more likely to avoid becoming lonely and the physical and mental health problems associated with loneliness. Seniors who have companion care at home thrive at home because they have company every day. Your senior loved one will have a friend they can talk with, shop with, go out to lunch with, and do other activities with. Companion care at home can’t replace time with their family but for seniors that live far away, it is a great way to get the social interaction they need.

Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery makes shopping much easier for seniors. When seniors have groceries and household essentials delivered they can shop online or through an app so that they can get exactly what they need from the stores that they would usually shop at. The delivery drivers will leave the bags at the door or bring them right into the house. When seniors need heavy items like beverages, cleaning supplies, or pet supplies getting them delivered means that seniors don’t have to try and lift those items into the cart and then into their car or out of their car when they get home.

Snowplowing Or Lawn Care

As seniors get older they often struggle with household maintenance. Companion care at home can help seniors keep their homes tidy and safe but often seniors need professional help to get the dirty work and heavy lifting of owning a home done. By paying for snowplowing for your senior loved one or lawn cutting in the summer you are giving your senior parent the gift of time that they don’t have to spend worrying about how they will take care of those things. And you’re giving them the gift of health by having someone else do those high-risk jobs for your senior parents.

A Tablet for Staying Connected

One of the best gifts you can give to a senior parent living long-distance from you is a way to stay connected to family. There are many different types of tablet devices that can allow your parent to do many things, from online shopping, playing brain games, taking pictures and most importantly, letting them make video calls to you and other family members. A tablet with apps that allow video calling through the internet means your senior won’t have to carry a secondary phone account to stay in touch with grandparents, adult children, friends and extended family.

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