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When Is it Time for Elder Care for Your Senior?

Does it feel as if there should be a right time to bring extra help into your senior’s home for her? There might not be one single situation that lets you know when that time has come for your elderly family member. Any combination of these situations can be a sign that your senior might need some help from elder care.

She’s Not Eating Well

When your elderly family member isn’t eating well, she’s at a much higher risk of malnourishment. This can cause serious health issues, but it can also contribute to other problems. Low blood sugar can be a fall risk, for instance, which brings with it a host of other issues. Many aging adults who aren’t eating well also aren’t getting enough water, and dehydration is a huge health problem in itself. Elder care providers can make meals and hydration so much easier for your senior.

She’s Having Trouble with Other ADLs

Other ADLs, or activities of daily living, are equally important. If your elderly family member is having a difficult time bathing, she may develop skin problems. Not dealing with those issues properly can cause significant health conditions, including infection and sepsis. Having help with small activities now that are becoming difficult can keep your senior from experiencing bigger problems down the line.

She’s Experiencing Mobility Issues

As your elderly family member continues to age, she may find that her ability to remain as mobile as she wants to be changes in big and small ways. She may even be more afraid of walking if she’s experiencing balance or mobility issues. That becomes a vicious cycle, however, leading to even greater loss of muscle tone and balance. In the end, your senior puts herself at greater risk of even more serious mobility problems.

She’s Having Accidents or Falls

Difficulty with mobility, dehydration, lack of nourishment, and more can all lead to falls or near-falls. If that happens, your senior may be at serious risk of breaking a bone or causing other life-threatening injuries to herself. Falls are a significant concern for aging adults and having elder care providers around more often can help to reduce your senior’s fall risk.

She’s Having Trouble with Her Memory

Forgetfulness and memory concerns can be normal signs of aging, but they can also be a sign of bigger cognitive changes. If your aging family member’s memory issues come with wandering and her feeling lost even in familiar locations, home care providers are an excellent option. They can reduce the likelihood of your senior getting lost or wandering away from home, and they can help you to keep better tabs on how your senior is really doing.

Elder care providers give you a way to offer help to your aging family member and ensure that she is as safe as possible in her home. Over time, as your senior needs more or less help, caregivers can tailor their care plan to make sure that her needs are met to the fullest extent possible.

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