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Does Your Elderly Loved One Need a Friend?

You have noticed your elderly loved one spending a lot more time knitting, hanging outside on their porch, or sitting in their recliner. What is going on with them? Are they lonely? There could be numerous things happening, but one idea is that they just need someone to hang out with. They may just need a friend. So, what can you do about this? How can companion care at home help?

Getting Them a Pet

One of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one find a friend is by getting them a pet. There are many dogs, cats, hamsters, and other small animals that make great pets for senior citizens. You could even talk to your elderly loved one about what type of pet they would like to have and get one of those. Pets have been known to reduce stress, provide consolation, and offer companionship to the elderly. This might be the case for your elderly loved one, as well.

Getting Companion Care at Home Services

Another way that you can find a friend for your elderly loved one (well, actually multiple friends) is to get companion care at home services for them. Companion care providers are there for friendship, companionship, and consolation, too. If your elderly loved one is dealing with loneliness, emotional pain, physical pain, or boredom, having a home care provider as a friend could be really helpful.

Going to a Senior Center

There are many senior citizen activity centers around the world. This might be something that you want to check into for your elderly loved one. Many of these places encourage physical activity between the members. They also encourage companionship, friendship, and improved overall well-being, too.

Hanging Out with Friends and Family

If your elderly loved one just needs someone to hang out with every now and again, it might be a good idea for you to schedule time with them, their family members, and their friends. It would even be helpful to put this on their calendar as a scheduled time once or twice a week.


Are you noticing that your elderly loved one doesn’t seem to be having a good time in life anymore? Maybe, you catch them just sitting around for hours watching television or taking a lot of naps in their recliner. If this is the case, it would be a very good idea to look into companion care at home for them. Companion care at home can spend time with your elderly loved one, take them to book clubs or senior centers, enjoy meals together and accompany them to doctors appointments. Consider companion care at home today for your elderly parent.


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