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Companion Care at Home Can Help With Your Senior’s Appointments

Your dad has dozens of appointments each year. Because he has heart disease, he spends a lot of time seeing his cardiologist, general practitioner, dietician, and physical therapist. Plus, he has his eye exam, dental cleanings, and haircuts.

Every time he needs a ride, you take an unpaid day off work. It’s reached a point where you cannot keep taking time off. It’s affecting your work duties and your household budget. Have you looked into having home care provide transportation and assistance with scheduling appointments?

Caregivers Provide a Ride and Accompany Him

When your dad has an appointment, have a caregiver drive him around. His caregiver can drive him to his doctor’s office or the hospital and accompany him. He might want to have his caregiver walk with him and help him check in.

Your dad may want to have the caregiver talk to the doctor, especially if he’s hard of hearing. The caregiver can listen to the doctor’s recommendations, ask any questions, and relay information to you.

Caregivers Can Schedule Follow-Up Care

Home Care in Billings MT
Home Care in Billings MT

Suppose your dad’s cardiologist recommends follow-up care every three months. With home care services, the caregiver can schedule appointments and note them in the calendar. When the next appointment nears, the caregiver ensures someone is there to drive him and help him as needed.

Your dad may start experiencing new symptoms that concern him. When he notices something feels different, he can alert his aide. His companion care aide can schedule an appointment for him to make sure it’s nothing alarming.

Home Care Keeps You in the Loop

Whether your dad is given a new prescription or needs additional testing, the caregiver shares that information with you. You’ll never have to track down his care plan or figure out if he’s taking the right medications.

You’ll be in close contact with the companion care team. You know what care your dad is getting and if you should be doing anything to help. When you want to take a day to help out, it’s easy to let them know so that a caregiver isn’t sent that day.

Get Started With Home Care

Take a look at your dad’s appointment schedule for the next six months or year. How often does he need someone to accompany him to appointments? Once you have an idea, talk to a home care agency about the various services they offer.

Build a list of questions that you, your dad, and other close family members have. You can ask these questions during your call.

Have home care providers available on days your dad needs rides to his medical and dental appointments. Use companion care at home to help him get to his salon or barbershop and run errands while he’s out. Call now to learn more about transportation services.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Billings, MT, call the caring staff at SYNERGY Home Care of Billings today. 406-839-2390