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Ease Your Mom’s Anxiety Over Living Alone

Three out of ten women live alone. Your mom is alone, and she’s not comfortable with it. Like six out of ten older adults, she loves her home and doesn’t want to move. However, she hates being the only one there. You live too far away to help her.

Your mom’s fear of being alone during the day and night has increased after a fall. She couldn’t get to a phone, and no one knew she’d fallen until her neighbor noticed she hadn’t gotten her newspaper or mail.

She still doesn’t want to move in with you, but your mom doesn’t want to be by herself. Have you taken a closer look at the benefits of 24-hour home care in her situation?

How Does 24-Hour Home Care Work?

Depending on the aides, they may work six- or eight-hour shifts. Say you hire caregivers who work six-hour shifts. One arrives at 7 a.m., the second caregiver arrives at 1 p.m., the third at 7 p.m., and the third at 1 a.m.

24-Hour Home Care in Billings MT
24-Hour Home Care in Billings MT

Your mom always has a caregiver in her home, so she’s never alone. While she’s sleeping, her caregiver helps her out with ambulation if she needs to use the toilet in the middle of the night. If she’s diabetic and needs a snack in the middle of the night, her caregiver is there to help.

Her home care aides help with everything from personal care to housekeeping. They can each take on daily chores like vacuuming, dusting, meal preparation, and making the bed. They’ll do the laundry as needed, take your mom shopping, and help schedule appointments.

When it’s nice and your mom wants to go outside for a walk, a 24-hour home care aide can join her for a walk. If there’s a boardwalk or park trail that your mom likes, they could take a trip there for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

What happens if a caregiver is sick and cannot work a shift? The home care agency sends out a replacement for the day. Your mom will not be left alone to fend for herself, even if a caregiver experiences a family emergency, car issue, or unexpected illness.

Make the Call to Arrange Services

Arrange to have 24-hour home care aides with your mom during the day and night. Her fall occurred in the middle of the night when she tripped over her cat going to the bathroom in the dark. Middle-of-the-night bathroom trips tend to be one of her most anxiety-filled moments.

With 24-hour home care aides ready to help her, no matter what time it is, your mom’s stress eases. She’ll have the confidence she needs to age at home without fear. Call a home care agency to schedule services.


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