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What Home Care Costs

Determining Home Care Costs

The cost of non-medical home care varies depending on where you live and the amount of care you will need. The best way to budget is to determine the number of hours you need per week. According to the “Cost of Care Survey – 2020,” an annual report by Genworth, home care costs less than other options like adult daycare, assisted living and skilled nursing.

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For many people, home care is not only a more affordable option but also a more desirable one. Knowing your loved one can remain safely in their own home can give you as much peace of mind as it does them.

Our caregivers help reinforce healthier habits including daily movement, social engagement, good eating habits and proper hygiene. They keep track of prescriptions and make sure medications are taken on schedule and in the right dosage. Plus, with a trusted caregiver by their side, your loved one can avoid potential accidents, injuries and falls, preventing unplanned doctor and hospital visits.

We’re proud to provide services that improve the quality of our clients’ lives and allow people to maintain forward movement in the homes they love.

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