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SYNERGY HomeCare is the nation’s premier provider of compassionate in-home care for seniors, family caregivers, and more. Our caregivers provide Care for Everyone which goes far beyond just seniors. We have caregivers that specialize in caring for persons with cognitive and physical disabilities, childcare specialists, post-hospitalization recovery, new mom care and more.

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Senior Safety is something that we care deeply about, and we can help keep you living safe and comfortably in your own home, wherever home may be. The first step to getting the right kind of care for yourself or someone you know (could be family, friend, or neighbor) is to schedule a FREE In-Home Safety Assessment with your local office. We currently have offices in 40 states, and we are still growing!

Home Care that is Local and Personal

While our offices span much of the country, each and every one of our home care offices is locally owned and operated. This means that the people providing care for you or your loved one are experts in your area, and care about helping people in their community. We believe in the power of one on one care, where each of our clients get the focused care that is right for them and their needs.

Receiving the very best non-medical home care starts with our In-Home Assessment, where we talk with each individual to gain an understanding of their situation and their goals and needs. It’s not about what we want, it’s about what you want and forming an understanding of how we can work together to achieve the best possible outcomes. From there we work together to create a customized care plan that is tailored to each person’s goals and re-evaluate that over time to make additional changes as needs arise. The result is hands on support that builds confidence while maintaining the independence desired by the majority of those seeking care.