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The people behind our home care


If you’ve been searching for a home care agency for your care or your loved one’s care, then you know there is a sea of sameness in the dozens of home care choices, making it difficult to actually choose one. And we know that can be frustrating.

Kylee Haworth | SYNERGY HomeCareKylee Haworth
Office Manager

Kylee is a wife and mom to 4 kids; she loves being with her family and friends. She enjoys watching baseball, country music and having a good time. Kylee also likes helping people and working in a team environment. Kylee joined SYNERGY HomeCare in 2021 as a Home Assessment Specialist and was quickly promoted to Office Manager. Kylee enjoys working hand in hand with caregivers to make sure our clients receive the best care possible!

Aggie Hedin | SYNERGY HomeCareAggie Hedin
Client Care Manager

Aggie joined the Synergy team in January 2017. She brings over 13 years experience working with older adults and their families customize a plan to help their loved ones stay independent and safe in their home. She has a passion for helping families and their loved ones through difficult times and she isn’t afraid to tackle challenging situations. With her knowledge, optimism and energy, she strives to provide solutions/resources for those in need of long term and short term services. Aggie is married to Glen and they have a daughter, Sierra who is currently in physical therapy school. Aggie was lucky enough to work side by side with Sierra in doing assessments during 2020. In her spare time Aggie enjoys spending time with her family, helping her aging parents, cooking, gardening and playing with the family 2 small dogs, Keto and Frodo.

Ashlyn Cowles | SYNERGY HomeCareAshlynn Cowles
Client Care Supervisor

Ashlynn grew up in a small town outside of Bloomington. She spent a lot of her time growing up with friends, playing sports, and taking care of her best friend, her grandpa. Being there for him in his time of need is where Ashlynn found her love and joy for taking care of others. Ashlynn started as a caregiver with SYNERGY in 2019, she moved to on call administrator, then client care supervisor! She is dedicated to our caregivers so they can provide the best care for our clients!

T.J. Aaberg | SYNERGY HomeCareT.J Aaberg
Client Care Supervisor

Born, raised and lived his entire life in Bloomington. From growing up and assisting grandparents to siblings with disabilities, helping anybody and everybody has just been naturally instilled into who TJ is. TJ joined SYNERGY in 2020 and enjoys working with clients and their families to come up with unique care solutions.

Our promise to you: care that moves you

Life is in constant motion. From the time we smile our first smile, ride our first bike, find our first home or embrace our first grandchild, it just keeps moving. And a moving life is a full one. But sometimes, life can take a turn that slows us down, or even stops us in our tracks. That’s where SYNERGY HomeCare comes in. To keep the basic needs of your life effortlessly moving forward. So you can focus on what moves you and get the most out of every day.

We guide with purpose

We take a strong lead with a kind hand in what can be a stressful, uncertain time in your life. By charting an assured course and making certain that you and your family members understand what’s happening, we can keep you comfortable every step of the way.
Great care comes from confidence, and confidence is contagious. We know what we’re doing and we’re always striving to do it better. One of the things we do best is relate to people on a personal level. And when you do something well, it breeds confidence. In you, and everyone around you. That’s why our clients, employees and franchise owners are so confident, too.

How we do it:

  • We serve beyond the job description.
  • We approach the job with a sense of adventure and purpose.
  • We take ownership and responsibility over results.
  • We quickly spot new opportunities for improvement and act on them.

We know individual people have individual needs

What we do:

We listen and ask questions. That’s the best way to learn how to impact an individual’s life. That’s how we do it. And that’s why we are recognized as an organization that shows an unwavering commitment to understanding people’s needs and providing the care option that best adapts to those needs. This is how we keep you and your life moving forward by being intuitively personal.

How we do it:

  • We approach every encounter with compassion, personality and positive energy.
  • We inspire others through words.
  • We are curious. We ask questions and listen to what’s unspoken.
  • We help you set goals. We make you feel as though we are walking with you on your care journey.


Life moves in one direction – forward. No matter your circumstances, SYNERGY HomeCare steps in with effective, comforting, life-affirming care that moves people emotionally and physically forward, from personal assistance and companionship to live-in and even family caregiver respite. We provide full support for fuller lives. Ultimately, we create a feeling of forward momentum, not just in lives but also in the home care industry.

Whether you’re a high-octane octogenarian who just needs a hand, someone confined to bed who needs a little more help, or a person dealing with lifelong disabilities who needs someone to walk beside them on their journey, we’re here to care with whole hearts and open arms.

We know you have questions. And we have answers. When the time is right for you, we would be honored to speak with you. We listen!