The people behind our home care


If you’ve been searching for a home care agency for your care or your loved one’s care, then you know there is a sea of sameness in the dozens of home care choices, making it difficult to actually choose one. And we know that can be frustrating.

SYNERGY HomeCare North Atlanta is owned and operated by two faith-based, caring moms, Stacy Fotos and Sue McCormick who know what it is like to balance the care of children with parents and who wanted to make a difference in their community by providing a quality service at an affordable price for this sandwich generation. They are both owner-operators and make it a point to be available to their client’s at any time of the day or night. They know that many will call in crisis mode on a Friday afternoon discharge from the hospital and we do whatever necessary to meet the needs of our clients on their time table.

Meet Our Team

Stacy Fotos | Co-Owner

Stacy Fotos is our founder and co-owner. She has been a North Atlanta resident for more than 25 years and spent the first 10 years in Atlanta volunteering her time with charity organizations, assisted living facilities, her church and chairing various functions. She has two children, ages 29 and 24, two grandchildren and has a heart the size of Texas. Stacy is a Certified Nursing Assistant who oversees our HR Department, manages our administrative staff and who also works closely with our nurses to insure that all guidelines are met and in compliance.

Sue McCormick | Co-Owner

Sue McCormick, also a co-owner has lived in the Alpharetta area since 1990 and in addition to helping care for her own Mom who passed in 2019, she has two children age 32 and 29. Sue handles the marketing, advertising, oversees the accounting as well as providing and coordinating valuable resources to our clients through her extensive database of senior providers and services. Sue loves meeting with families, learning their stories and helping develop a plan that promotes their independence while creating a safer environment for her clients.

Tiffany Reid

Director of Operations

Tiffany Reid is our Director of Operations and oversees the daily operations as well as the day in and day out scheduling for all of our private clients. She manages our Accounts Payable and Receivables and our Payroll. Since 2014, Tiffany continues to keep our office running like clockwork by keeping every one on task. She is the glue that keeps us all together.

Tiffany’s strengths include her amazing positive attitude, ability to stay calm in all situations, incredible organizational skills and her unwavering reliability. If Tiffany does not have the answer, then there isn’t one!


Lindsay Peacock & Emily Lavretta

Supervisory Nurses

Emily and Lindsay do new client nurse assessments and develops care plans for our clients. She makes certain that our clients fall within the scope of our caregivers skill set and keeps our files compliant according to our state guidelines. Our nurses also do all of our supervisory visits to our clients and provide valuable training to our caregivers.


Cathy Taylor

Marketing & Sales Manager

Cathy Taylor is our Marketing & Sales Manager. In addition to marketing our services to the community, she works closely with the Independent/Assisted Living Facilities in the area to provide their residents with the extra care they may need. After caring for her Mom and seeing the huge need for added support in the home, Cathy chose to bring her sales efforts to our team and we are glad to have her! Cathy’s passion for our seniors and her joy of life make her a welcome addition to our team!


Ally Wiley

Human Resource Manager

Ally Wiley is our Human Resources Manager and does an amazing job of Recruiting and Maintaining our Roster of Caregivers. Ally provides a wealth of knowledge to our Team regarding the do’s and don’ts of employing such a large number of caregivers. Ally makes each and every employee feel special and has been an integral part in growing our business. Ally also manages all of our benefit and perk plans for all of our employees and does a fabulous job of retaining our caregivers. Finally, Ally maintains and does the postings for all of our social media sites. Ally wears many hats and does a great job wearing them all!


Andrea Russell

Contracts & Insurance Specialist Andrea Russell works tirelessly to keep our paperwork compliant with our clients and ensures that all of our long term care insurance billings are done properly and expediently. She is a pro at making sure that our Long Term Care claims remain compliant. Andrea is also our IT resident expert and helps in any way she can with our systems.


Tre Scott Allston

Lead Scheduler / Care Manager

Tre has quickly worked his way up from one of our most valued caregivers to Lead Scheduler within our scheduling department and manages our scheduling team with compassion, organization and and an excellent attitude. His new role as a Care Manager has proven to be an excellent addition to his responsibilities as he truly “cares” for his clients. Tre’s attention to detail, unwavering promptness and ability to remain calm during the hours when he often is manning the phones on his own has proven him to be a valuable asset within our organization. As a previous caregiver who has walked in their shoes, Tre has a way with our caregivers that makes them feel special and needed and recognizes that our care staff is the “Heart” of our business. His daily care coordination of our clients and ability to multi-task is one of his many strengths. Tre’s patience dealing with the daily questions from caregivers and willingness to go above and beyond is quickly proving to our team that he is irreplaceable.


 Audrey Kelly

On Call Scheduler

 Audrey Kelley works diligently after hours and on the weekends as our On-Call Scheduler. Audrey answers the phone with a smile and loves the flexibility of working from home while making sure that our clients and caregivers can get all questions answered regarding the service that we provide, day or night. Audrey makes sure that our company goes above and beyond by helping us answer our phones 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our Administrative Team , together with our caregivers provide for a caring-based business as they all believe that there is no greater reward than the one you receive while caring for others.

We know you are carefully considering all the different options you have for care. You may be comparing in-home care with nursing home care or simply looking at how you can enhance the care you are already enjoying at an assisted living community. We’d love to talk to you and tell you how we can help.

Stacy Fotos, Sue McCormick and the SYNERGY North Atlanta Team


Our promise to you: care that moves you

Life is in constant motion. From the time we smile our first smile, ride our first bike, find our first home or embrace our first grandchild, it just keeps moving. And a moving life is a full one. But sometimes, life can take a turn that slows us down, or even stops us in our tracks. That’s where SYNERGY HomeCare comes in. To keep the basic needs of your life effortlessly moving forward. So you can focus on what moves you and get the most out of every day.

We guide with purpose

We take a strong lead with a kind hand in what can be a stressful, uncertain time in your life. By charting an assured course and making certain that you and your family members understand what’s happening, we can keep you comfortable every step of the way.
Great care comes from confidence, and confidence is contagious. We know what we’re doing and we’re always striving to do it better. One of the things we do best is relate to people on a personal level. And when you do something well, it breeds confidence. In you, and everyone around you. That’s why our clients, employees and franchise owners are so confident, too.

How we do it:

  • We serve beyond the job description.
  • We approach the job with a sense of adventure and purpose.
  • We take ownership and responsibility over results.
  • We quickly spot new opportunities for improvement and act on them.

We know individual people have individual needs

What we do:

We listen and ask questions. That’s the best way to learn how to impact an individual’s life. That’s how we do it. And that’s why we are recognized as an organization that shows an unwavering commitment to understanding people’s needs and providing the care option that best adapts to those needs. This is how we keep you and your life moving forward by being intuitively personal.

How we do it:

  • We approach every encounter with compassion, personality and positive energy.
  • We inspire others through words.
  • We are curious. We ask questions and listen to what’s unspoken.
  • We help you set goals. We make you feel as though we are walking with you on your care journey.

Life moves in one direction – forward. No matter your circumstances, SYNERGY HomeCare steps in with effective, comforting, life-affirming care that moves people emotionally and physically forward, from personal assistance and companionship to live-in and even family caregiver respite. We provide full support for fuller lives. Ultimately, we create a feeling of forward momentum, not just in lives but also in the home care industry.

Whether you’re a high-octane octogenarian who just needs a hand, someone confined to bed who needs a little more help, or a person dealing with lifelong disabilities who needs someone to walk beside them on their journey, we’re here to care with whole hearts and open arms.

We know you have questions. And we have answers. When the time is right for you, we would be honored to speak with you. We listen!

Our clients say it best

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SYNERGY HomeCare of Alpharetts' 5 star reviews from clients who wrote reviews in Google

Reba Helton


Elizabeth is such a sweet person.  I enjoyed her so much.  She was great company and encouraged me to try different things.  Always on time.  I will miss her.


Raoul Hagen


Five Stars!


Rafael Garcia


We used Synergy to help care for my ailing father recently, and they really stepped up to the task. I found the caretakers to be very compassionate, caring, and gentle. My father felt at ease around them

From an administrative point of view, Synergy was very flexible, accommodating, and easy to reach. They were able to keep up with our changes in schedule driven by medical needs.


Shonna Giddens (caregiver)


I have enjoyed working with Synergy the employees are very easy going and I enjoy working with Miss Barbara the patient


Williams Lindsay


The person assigned to my wife was a kind and caring person who met every request we had. She really became part of the family.


Mark King


Thank you for the excellent service you all have provided our family to enable us to care for my mother in our homes in the last several months. Really appreciate the flexibility and the good experience with the care providers that have come out–amazing how patient and kind they have all been with my mom.


Kaya Ayisha Neal (caregiver)


Synergy is Awesome!


Lindsay A.


Please give Elisha another gold medal for all her graciousness and compassion … going down to emory is always very difficult for Dick and for me. She was ever vigilant that both of us were safe and as comfortable as possible.  Given that she had to contend with a wheelchair, his walker, his rolling bag, and me hanging onto her arm to guide us … it is really quite a lot. She has done this before. And today was no exception. She always handles it with a smile and humor. It makes what would otherwise be a stressful situation much more tolerable.  Thank you for finding us this gem.
Lisa Arens


All of the caregivers are very attentive to my parent’s needs. They are kind, gentle and very patient. Synergy does a great job of 24/7 coverage. The caregivers are willing to communicate on a regular basis with family members. And any issues ate taken care of immediately by staff members. Highly recommend Synergy!


Chad Hardy  
SYNERGY provided 24-hour care for my mother for a little over a year.  My mom had ALS and could not speak and was unable to move on her own.  From start to finish, the service provided to us was absolutely incredible.  The communication was always on point and the caregivers basically became a part of our family.  We had used a few different agencies before going to SYNERGY and I really wish we had found Synergy earlier.  I cannot recommend them enough.

Carol Tinney
a year ago
I have nothing but positive reactions to Synergy’s home care. Each person who came to take care of my wife had a great attitude and was willing to do whatever was needed. I was impressed with your ability to hire consistently good people. The fact that someone always answered my phone calls was awesome. If asked, I would gladly recommend your company. If a potential client has questions, I’d be happy to talk with them.

Eileen Bergman
a year ago
SYNERGY HomeCare has been an absolute blessing to our family.  Whenever we need emergency care for our mom, they have been able to send caregivers at a moment’s notice. When our schedules would have to change, they have been understanding and supportive.  The owner, SUE, always wants to know what’s working for us and what isn’t and she adjusts for our needs accordingly. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Stephen Mitchell
a year ago

What an amazing resource in a time of need. Sue at Synergy got me the additional in-home care mom needed within HOURS of our speaking on the phone. All staff supplied were well trained, professional and VERY kind to both mom and me, and interacted well with the in-home hospice care that was already in place. One in particular was onsite at the time of mom’s passing, and had experienced the events that lead up to the final moments of a loved one previously. She walked me through it, let me know exactly what was going on, and was there for prayer and comfort. 5-star recommend.

Kim Rich
a year ago
Synergy took excellent care of my mother.  They had quality in home care providers, and they were quick to answer phone calls and answer and resolve any concerns we had in the beginning.  We tried a different agency prior to using Synergy and we were VERY happy with Synergy.   We had a positive experience with them and would highly recommend.

Nikki Andrews
a year ago
Synergy was the third home care service I hired during my father’s illness in 2018/19.  I was scared, frustrated and completely confused on next steps after his hospital stay. I’m so glad I contacted Synergy.  Everyone I interacted with was kind, professional and compassionate.  My father actually liked each of the assistants assigned to him – which was rare!  I’ve already recommended Synergy to a friend and he is also pleased with the service.

It would be an honor to care for your loved one.

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