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Synergy Spotlight: Stacy Fotos

One of our Co-owners of Synergy HomeCare North Atlanta, Stacy Fotos, had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer with Team ATL for the Super Bowl LIII held in Atlanta this past February.


Stacy has spent much of her life doing volunteer work, as helping people is truly one of her passions. At the age of 16, she volunteered at a nursing home participating in bingo night, ice cream socials, and by reading mail to residents.  Many of them even believed she was their daughter since she was there visiting and participating in activities with them so much.

She worked for many years as a volunteer for Children’s Restoration Network.  When she was at CRN, she organized auctions to raise money, served on the board of directors, and was Children’s Restoration Networks Media spokesperson for the newspaper, radio and television interviews.  Her two children, Joseph and Courteney were very much involved in volunteering to assist the women/children homeless in Atlanta.

Recently, she volunteered for the Super Bowl for five days at the airport, helping visitors find their way around the airport and answering any questions about the city of Atlanta.  She had such a fun time seeing all the visitors come into Atlanta and really enjoy showing them what the great city of Atlanta has to offer.

When asked about her love for volunteering, the Synergy Home Care North Atlanta co-owner said:

“I have always enjoyed doing volunteer work and helping others.  I do believe I am much happier when I take the time to volunteer.  You get to meet many people and realize how much better your circumstances are compared to others.  It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you see others suffering or even others that are unable to take care of themselves.  It brings much more joy to the person volunteering then it does for the person that needs help/assistance.  I recently volunteered at a soup kitchen with the Greek Orthodox Church of Atlanta and saw many of our homeless that are living on the street.  I’ve only experienced working with those that are in shelters so it was quite difficult to see those that are living on the street and have no shelter.  We are a very blessed country and should do what we can to help those in need in our communities.”


Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering has many different benefits that can contribute to your overall life experience and health. Volunteering builds community, ends loneliness, increases socialization, creates bonds, develops emotional stability, improves self-esteem and even may reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s. Studies from the Journal of Gerontology indicate that social service enhances elasticity in the brain. As volunteers age, they may be able to maintain the connections in their minds that often break down in Alzheimer’s patients. Any social interaction can help delay or prevent Alzheimer’s, and volunteering can be a wonderful way to do that.

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