The people behind our non-medical home care


If you’ve been searching for a non-medical home care agency for your care or your loved one’s care, then you know there is a sea of sameness in the dozens of home care choices, making it difficult to actually choose one. And we know that can be frustrating.

Exceptional Individualized Care

Your family member is our first priority. Whether an elderly parent or an infant we are here to provide round the clock care with 24/7 back up help. We understand last minute complications and spur of the moment changes and are here to keep your life running smoothly.

Our 24/7 live-in caregiver service provides non-medical care 24 hours a day. Our dedicated careTEAM includes live-in companions and home makers, family helpers, certified caregivers for elderly seniors and trained child care experts. Our caregivers support seniors in the activities of daily living, helping them to stay within the comfort of their own residence, whether a home or assisted living /senior living community.

“You were so kind, thorough and professional. I could not believe how quickly any little issue was handled immediately.” ~ Nancy, CT

Hospice, Hospital or Home Care?

There are so many critical decisions that must be made when a loved one is ill or frail. Is hospice the right answer for my parent? Can hospice provide the personal attention that my parent needs? Will my parent receive better quality of care at home? What do I do when my parent or loved one requires extended stay at a hospital or rehab facility?

You are suddenly required to make decisions that are overwhelming and have long term consequences on the quality of life of a loved one. This is where SYNERGY HomeCare of Connecticut can help.

With the background information from you and or the case managers and social workers and the free home assessment that we conduct, we create the optimal care plan for your loved one that carefully fits the needs of the patient. If care plan calls for around the clock care, it is implemented with live-in caregivers. Many cases simply require help for a few hours of care a day. We guarantee exceptional quality care of the client, no matter where the client chooses to reside.

What about an active senior who just needs a companion? SYNERGY HomeCare provides affordable live-in companions and home makers for the elderly. For an independent senior, we have caregivers who can come on a daily or hourly basis. All of our caregivers have their own cars and can provide private transportation to the doctor’s office, hospitals, events, shopping, and extracurricular activities.

“Your support and assistance provided gave us great comfort during a very challenging time.” ~ client, Stamford, CT

Services We Offer

With multiple care options for the elderly family members, full or part time care for new moms and young children, and holiday help, SYNERGY HomeCare provides for all of life’s everyday needs. Our affordable long term and daily care services allow you to tailor to the essentials of your busy life. With flexibility, consistency and respect, we provide quality care with a guaranteed 24/7 back-up. Let SYNERGY HomeCare of Connecticut help show you how to have a worry free, positive environment for all your family members.

24 Hour Senior Care at Home

SYNERGY HomeCare of Connecticut is the most reliable and affordable 24 hour senior care option in the Fairfield County. We understand the challenges of 24/7 continuous care and will design a customized schedule for your ever changing needs. Our experienced, dedicated caregiver team works in shifts to provide round the clock care at home or in a senior care community or facility.

Our 24 hour live-in homecare gives your loved-one the benefits of staying at home while receiving non-medical care. Familiarity and comfort are essential to maintaining quality of life. We provide professional, certified caregivers to be there 24/7 with back up, if needed. We monitor and assess each of our client’s in-home care to ensure excellent quality care to the patient and peace of mind to family members.

We are there so you can go to work without concerns, knowing that your loved one is being cared for like family.

Individuals with Memory Loss

Quality of life is one of the greatest challenges for someone with memory loss and their family. To try to care for a parent with memory loss and live a semblance of a normal life is relatively impossible without help. The guilt over the decision to put the parent into a home, the worry of having them stay in their own home, all concerns that are just a fraction of the overwhelming responsibility of taking care of a person with memory loss. Making the decision to find help for you and your loved one is the first step.

The caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare understand the weight of the many decisions that need to be made when caring for someone with memory loss. Dealing with the frustrations and change in temperament, the loss of memory, the fear and depression can be overwhelming. At SYNERGY HomeCare, we have trained caregivers who can help your loved one achieve the best quality of life through companionship, assistance with daily tasks, medicine reminders, transportation to appointments, and maintaining activities and exercise, whether at home or in a home away from home.

We also help the families learn how to live with the many changes of memory loss and bring peace of mind that their loved one is in the best hands. You can rely on SYNERGY HomeCare’s memory loss program for consistency and compassion, designed with the exceptional training and care the client deserves.

Personal Care and Hygiene Care

Our personal and hygiene care services include transfer assistance, help with bathing and showering, restroom assistance, dressing and personal appearance care. Our caregivers also provide mealtime feeding assistance when required. We respect your privacy and guarantee that our caregivers will provide the highest quality of personal care with utmost confidentiality.

Companionship and Homemaking

Our home care companions create a higher quality of life for your elderly parents by providing companionship and emotional care. With the friendly support and assistance from their SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver, your aging parent can maintain a high level of independence in their own home and throughout all of their regular activities.

Supplemental Homemaking

Homemaking services from SYNERGY HomeCare are provided in with core services such as companionship or personal care, allowing your loved ones to enjoy the beautiful home they’ve lived in for years without the stress of keeping it up every day.

Our homemaking services include light housekeeping, grocery shopping and meal preparation, errands, kitchen cleanup and organization, laundry and ironing, changing linens and much more.

Hospital Sitter

Our hospital sitter caregivers provide personalized attention and give the comfort of knowing your loved one is never alone at the hospital or rehab facility. Our hospital sitters offer transportation to and from the hospital, assist with discharge and escort the patient home while offering companionship to the patient during the hospital stay.

Running errands, and alerting the medical staff if need arises is part of the hospital sitter’s responsibility. Our caregivers aim to be the vigilant, patient advocate, eyes and ears of the family in the hospital, while staying out of the way of the medical staff.

Backup Childcare

Childcare services from SYNERGY HomeCare allow busy parent to focus on their work life while providing the highest level of child care for infants, children and new moms, at home. Our backup childcare professionals are licensed and certified to provide child care in our area. Each Synergy HomeCare caregiver has passed a national criminal background check and is fully trained in first-aid, CPR and other emergency protocols.

“Ms. Namdev has worked with an array of clients as well as caregivers and she truly cares about their well-being” ~ Marie, MSW, Stamford, CT

The Most Reliable Senior Home Care Agency

SYNERGY HomeCare of Connecticut is proud to be the most reliable senior home care agency in the Fairfield County. We only hire certified, licensed and experienced care professionals, who pass a nationwide criminal background check. Hired caregivers are required to complete our nationally accredited advanced caregiver training program.

As a guaranteed homecare agency, SYNERGY HomeCare continually monitors and assesses the needs and care of clients ensuring that they are receiving the finest care available in Fairfield County. Our home care service comes with the assurance that we are personally involved with the care for every client.

We are a family owned and operated home care agency, fully committed to providing the best home care service in our community. Please call us at (203) 661-6969 or email us  [email protected] to discuss care options for your loved ones.

Our promise to you: care that moves you

Life is in constant motion. From the time we smile our first smile, ride our first bike, find our first home or embrace our first grandchild, it just keeps moving. And a moving life is a full one. But sometimes, life can take a turn that slows us down, or even stops us in our tracks. That’s where SYNERGY HomeCare comes in. To keep the basic needs of your life effortlessly moving forward. So you can focus on what moves you and get the most out of every day.

We guide with purpose

We take a strong lead with a kind hand in what can be a stressful, uncertain time in your life. By charting an assured course and making certain that you and your family members understand what’s happening, we can keep you comfortable every step of the way.
Great care comes from confidence, and confidence is contagious. We know what we’re doing and we’re always striving to do it better. One of the things we do best is relate to people on a personal level. And when you do something well, it breeds confidence. In you, and everyone around you. That’s why our clients, employees and franchise owners are so confident, too.

How we do it:

  • We serve beyond the job description.
  • We approach the job with a sense of adventure and purpose.
  • We take ownership and responsibility over results.
  • We quickly spot new opportunities for improvement and act on them.

We know individual people have individual needs

What we do:

We listen and ask questions. That’s the best way to learn how to impact an individual’s life. That’s how we do it. And that’s why we are recognized as an organization that shows an unwavering commitment to understanding people’s needs and providing the non-medical care option that best adapts to those needs. This is how we keep you and your life moving forward by being intuitively personal.

How we do it:

  • We approach every encounter with compassion, personality and positive energy.
  • We inspire others through words.
  • We are curious. We ask questions and listen to what’s unspoken.
  • We help you set goals. We make you feel as though we are walking with you on your care journey.


Life moves in one direction – forward. No matter your circumstances, SYNERGY HomeCare steps in with effective, comforting, life-affirming non-medical care that moves people emotionally and physically forward, from personal assistance and companionship to live-in and even family caregiver respite. We provide full support for fuller lives. Ultimately, we create a feeling of forward momentum, not just in lives but also in the home care industry.

Whether you’re a high-octane octogenarian who just needs a hand, someone confined to bed who needs a little more help, or a person dealing with lifelong disabilities who needs someone to walk beside them on their journey, we’re here to care with whole hearts and open arms.

We know you have questions. And we have answers. When the time is right for you, we would be honored to speak with you. We listen!

Registration number:  HCA. 0000580