5 Types Of Goals For Seniors to Set

An excellent way to help seniors remain independent and able to accomplish day-to-day tasks and activities is to set attainable goals. Goal setting can help with cognition and memory and is an excellent tool for seniors with early-stage dementia, according to an article produced by the University of Exeter. (


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Setting a couple of attainable goals that are important to the person can help improve their quality of life. As individuals reach goals, they develop a sense of confidence and accomplishment and, at the same time, learn valuable skills that can help improve memory.

Let’s talk about different types of goals that seniors can focus on in a variety of areas.

Social Involvement

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Social involvement is often a vital factor in a senior’s life. Some seniors are used to being physically active and spending their days in a variety of social settings. Set goals that will keep social involvement going on a weekly or monthly basis, or goals that will help individuals remember the names of people in the clubs or groups that they are involved in. If these are overwhelming, set goals that will help the individual stay social on a routine basis, like Skyping with family members. Make sure that the goal is attainable and does not feel too overwhelming to the individual.


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Skills such as being able to browse the Internet, shop online, or send an email are important technological skills that may be important and enjoyable to seniors. Set a goal that will help improve technology skills. Simple achievements such as remembering how to access and log into email or maneuver to different places on the Internet can feel like big wins. Online support groups might be an excellent way to help mix technology goals with social goals.

Managing Medication

Managing medication is essential for senior’s safety as well as independence. Caregivers can play an important role in medication management. Setting goals can be a tool that will help seniors remember to take their medication at the right time. Creating schedules is a useful “type” of goal that can support and empower individuals.


Being able to continue any hobbies or activities that an individual enjoys is significant in maintaining quality-of-life. If a senior is an avid scrapbooker or enjoys baking, or likes to play cards then keeping these hobbies alive can be a significant benefit. Set goals to enjoy these hobbies on a routine basis. It is also fun to set goals to find new hobbies that fit individual life circumstances.

Personal Items

It is easy for any person to misplace important personal items. People get distracted and forget where they placed things like keys, eyeglasses, and wallets. For seniors, losing items can be even more frustrating and confusing. Set goals that will help your loved one remember where they place their items. For example, set a goal to set the item down in the same place, each time.

These are just a few important goals that can be beneficial to seniors. There are many other types of goals that could be more important to particular individuals depending on individual circumstances. Make sure the goals are attainable and help with cognition and memory when goals and milestones are achieved – celebrate and set some new goals.



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