7 Hip and Fun Gifts For Grandparents

Maybe your grandparents aren’t the stereotypical grandparent type. Grandma does not know how to knit and Grandpa likes to move! Sentimental gifts are definitely not the go-to gifts for these two. So, what do you get them for Christmas that will be cool, hip, and still memorable?

Here is a list of 7 of the coolest gifts for grandparents we could find:

1. Yoga By Numbers Starter Pack – If your grandparents are the social butterfly type and really enjoy being active and meeting new people, get them this really hip yoga by numbers starter pack. They can learn and get comfortable before they hit yoga class.  *BONUS – Throw in a monthly membership and they’ll get to make new friends too.

2. Senior Moments Board Game – This isn’t a gift for all grandparents out there but it just might be the gift for yours! This game will keep your grandparents laughing and having fun together from the comfort of their home. *BONUS – Get a gift basket filled with their favorite snacks to eat while they play. 

3. Comedy Tickets – Maybe your grandparents like a little bit of dry, witty humor! What’s a better gift than giving them the opportunity to laugh and enjoy an evening out together. Comedy clubs are always a blast and they’ll have a great time!  *BONUS – Send them out with some cash and pay for dinner too.

4. Sporting Events – Tickets to their favorite sporting event is the way to go if that’s what your grandparents are into. Get them good seats and a blanket to share in the stands. You’ll be their favorite grandchild after that. *BONUS – Include some piece of sportswear with their team’s logo.

5. Smoothie Gift Card – There are a lot of grandparents out there that are very health cautious and love sitting down with a wheat grass smoothie. If this describes your grandparents, get them a gift card to their favorite smoothie joint. This will show how much you care about them and what they enjoy. *BONUS – Take them out to breakfast first and spend a morning with them. They’ll like that more than the smoothie.

6. Yardwork Help – Just because they are hip and active doesn’t mean they like cleaning up the yard. Hire someone to mow their lawn and pull their weeds once a week. What a break for them to enjoy some free time. *BONUS – Include a piece of outdoor furniture they’ve been wanting or maybe some plants for their yard.

7. Tablet – Okay, everyone jokes about how their grandparents do not know how to text let alone figure out apps on a smart anything, but your grandparents are different. Get them something flashy and buy a new Tablet that they can figure out together. If they’re into gadgets, they’ll love it. *BONUS – Hand it over with some matching headphones or an online gift card.

This year, spoil your grandparents. They deserve it after doting on you for such a long time. One of these gifts is sure to bring a smile to any grandparent’s face and will brighten your holiday as well.


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