Managing Medications


Managing Medications

Managing -Medications


Modern medicine is truly miraculous; many conditions that would have killed us a century ago can now be controlled with medication. Unfortunately, as we age, we may develop several conditions which means managing multiple medications. Mistakes can be deadly. Caregivers share the responsibility to keep medication errors from happening.

Start by asking questions when the doctor writes a new prescription.

  • “What is this medicine for?”

  • “Is there an effective generic?”

  • “Should it be taken with food?” “Are there any foods to avoid?”

  • “What are the side effects?” “What should we do if there are side effects?”

  • “Can he take over-the-counter treatments to help minimize side effects, like laxatives for constipation?”

  • “How long until we see results?”

Next, the pharmacy. Find a pharmacist you trust – use the same pharmacy for all your loved one’s medications. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; pharmacists know as much about the drugs as doctors.

  • “How long will he have to take this medicine?” “Will a doctor need to approve refills?”

  • “How will this drug interact with his other prescriptions and over-the-counter medications?”

  • “Should he make up a missed dose?”

At home, a pill box with different compartments for the days of the week and the time of day can make it easier for your loved one to remember to take his meds. A watch with an alarm may also help.

Watch carefully for side effects, and to see if the drug is working.  Learn what the medicine is supposed to look like, and ask questions if it looks different the next time you get the prescription refilled.

In the next blog, find out why it is important to keep a complete list of all medications your loved one is taking.


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