Here's how caregivers can take care of themselves.


3 ways caregivers can take care of themselves

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Providing 24 hour in home care is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can do, but it can also take a huge toll on your own emotional, physical and mental well-being. Even though your job revolves around keeping someone else healthy, it's important to keep your own health in mind as well. If you become burned out, you won't be able to provide the same high level of support as you usually do for your clients. Take a look at these ways you can take care of yourself while caregiving:

1. Focus on things you can change
There are many aspects of providing in home care that make the job physically and mentally difficult, but some of them can be changed. Consider making changes that will improve both your and your clients' lives, like addressing their own sleep issues so that you can get more rest too. 

2. Accept help
If your or your clients' family members offer to take part of your load off your shoulders, you should absolutely accept the help. Remember, the job can feel isolating, but there are likely others who can help you go grocery shopping or take your clients to doctor appointments. 

3. Take problems one at a time
Try not to let the big picture overwhelm you. If it starts to, focus on making one change at a time instead of trying to take everything on at once. It will take patience, but you'll feel better in the end!

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