Senior-care technology can help both seniors and their caregivers.


3 ways tech tools can help seniors and their caregivers

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Senior-care technology is a fast-growing industry, constantly coming up with new ways to help seniors stay independent and make caregiving a little easier. Technology is a great way for providers of in home care for seniors to get some help with some of the more difficult caregiving tasks. Take a look at these three ways tech tools can help senior care providers and their clients:

1. Remote monitoring
There are several remote monitoring systems on the market that make it possible for a caregiver or loved one to keep track of the seniors' activities, even when no one else is home. Electronic devices can be attached to everything from the refrigerator to a pillbox and will send alerts when the senior opens the door or takes his or her medication. 

2. Medication management
Managing medications is a big responsibility, but there's now ample technology for helping seniors remember to take their meds. Some tools alert the senior when it's time for a dose, but there are others that can even track missed dosages and more.

3. Senior safety
Safety is a huge concern for senior-care technology companies. There are devices that can prevent seniors with Alzheimer's from wandering or help caregivers find them if they do. Still others can turn off appliances automatically, send alerts upon detecting smoke and monitor vital signs.

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