Exercises to help your clients strengthen their core muscles.


3 core exercises to help with balance

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As a provider of elderly home care services, you may find that your clients are becoming unstable and lose their balance easier. While this is a part of growing older, there are exercises you can have your clients do that will strengthen their core and help with balance.

By strengthening their core, or abdominal muscles, clients can help give their back more support. This will also help to reduce chronic pack pain.

Try having your clients do these exercises to strengthen their core muscles:

Alternating Superman: This exercise will improve coordination and strengthen the lower back. Have your client follow these steps:

    • Lie on stomach with arms out in front
    • Raise head and neck with right arm and left leg 2 inches off the floor
    • Lower and repeat to the opposite side
    • Repeat five times on each side

Leg lifts: These will help lower ab and pelvic muscles. Here is how clients can do it:

    • Contract ab muscles and raise one leg 5 inches off floor
    • Hold position for a count of three
    • Lower and repeat on other leg
    • Do this five times on each side

Side bends: Oblique muscles are some of the hardest to target but help with rotation and side bending. To strengthen them, have clients try this:

    • Sit on a chair with feet flat on floor
    • Put on hand behind the head with the other outstretched
    • Lean to one side and reach toward floor
    • Contract obliques and return to starting position
    • Repeat five times on each side
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