Exercises that are good for seniors with arthritis


Exercises that are good for seniors with arthritis

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Clients receiving senior care services who are suffering from arthritis may not be as open to engaging in physical activity and exercise, even after you explain the importance of it. However, research has shown that working out is actually helpful for arthritic individuals, so here are some exercises you can suggest to clients that are good for joint pain:

Ball circles: Have your client hold a stability ball (or even a smaller plastic ball) in front of them with both hands. Instruct him or her to squeeze their ab​dominal muscles as they rotate the ball clockwise for one minute, then counter-clockwise for another minute. This will work their core as well as their arms without putting too much pressure on joints.

Chair sits: Regular squats may be too challenging, but you can have your client stand in front of a chair. Using control, have him or her lower themselves to a seated position, then stand back up. Repeat this motion six to eight times. Chair sits strengthen core and leg muscles without adding too much additional knee, hip and ankle stress.

Bridges: Have your client lie on the floor with his or her knees bent. Keeping the abs tight, tell the client to lift his or her hips toward the ceiling as high as comfortably possible. Have your client hold at the top for five seconds, squeezing the glutes, then lower back to the floor. Repeat the exercise six to eight times in order to strengthen the back muscles.

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