Tips on Staying Safe While Enjoying the Sun


Tips on Staying Safe While Enjoying the Sun

Tips On Staying Safe While Enjoying The Sun

Now that spring is officially here and summer is right around the corner, people are spending more time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Getting more sunshine is great for a boost of vitamin D, an improved mood and more energy, but it is not without its dangers.

Providers of senior care services can help older adults enjoy their time in the sun safely but suggesting these simple tips:

Wear sunscreen: Seniors have sensitive skin and getting a sunburn can be very painful. Also, going in the sun unprotected puts people at risk for skin cancer. Before spending time outside, seniors should apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30, if not more to every part of their body that will be in the sun.

Dress appropriately: It's best for seniors to wear lighter colors and breathable fabrics when enjoying the sun's warmth. Older adults are at risk for heat stroke, so they can minimize these with the proper attire. A hat with a brim can also help shield their face and keep them cooler.

Stay hydrated: Being in the hot temperature makes people sweat, which causes the risk of dehydration to rise. To avoid this, make sure patients are continuing drinking water while outdoors.


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