Proper Nutrition For People with Cancer

Cancer treatment comes with a variety of undesirable side effects, and many of them impact how a patient eats. Whether it's due to a loss of appetite or nausea, it can be difficult for care providers to make sure their clients are receiving the nutrition they need while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This can be challenging, but certain foods can make all the difference.


One of the best options is to eat a big breakfast. Experts at say that cancer patients are often more likely to want to eat earlier in the day, and foods such as soft whole grain cereal and smoothies are good options thanks to their high levels of fiber and nutrient-filled calories.

Senior AppleFruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are key components of meals for everyone - whether they're going through cancer treatment or not. As such, it's important to include fruits and vegetables in each meal. In fact, some studies have shown doing so might improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

What Not to Eat

Staying away from some foods is better for people with cancer. The American Cancer Society counsels to avoid foods with high salt and fat content, as they may make treatment more difficult

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