Manage MS with these Nutrition Tips


Manage MS with these Nutrition Tips

Strawberries And BlueberriesFight MS symptoms with a nutrition-packed diet, and you'll be able to enjoy more day-to-day activities. If you rely on home care for help with your MS symptoms, there are ways to lead a more independent life. With MS, you may experience bone loss, fatigue and weight gain, but a healthy diet could decrease these symptoms. Read below to find out what you can add to your diet to feel better and stay active. 

Add healthy fats
Omega-3s contained in foods like salmon and flaxseed will give you the healthy fats you need to stay strong. Instead of reaching for a sugary energy drink, which will ultimately cause fatigue, try adding these healthy fats to your diet for energy. 

Avoid dairy
Dairy is considered to be an MS "trigger food," meaning it can cause inflammatory symptoms. Instead of dairy, load up with fruits and vegetables. These foods may help decrease your symptoms and give you an extra boost during the day. 

Eat small meals often
If your MS causes difficulty swallowing, avoid large meals that are difficult to chew. Instead, try smaller meals at more times during the day. This will make eating easier and also help your metabolism stay active.

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