Helping your client go online can have many benefits.


Help your client learn how to go online

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Seniors didn't grow up with the same technology that's widely used today, so not only is it a lot harder for them to learn basic computer skills, but they're also much less likely to even own computers or internet-capable equipment. Some studies, though, are showing that going online could actually increase seniors' cognitive abilities. Not only that, but going online and connecting with others through email and social media can also help seniors feel less isolated from family members and loved ones. If you're an at-home senior care provider, here are three resources you can use to help your client get online:

1. Eldy
​Eldy is a software program that actually changes the computer's interface itself, turning it into something a lot more user-friendly with a lot less options. The free software is only meant for PCs, but it's great for elderly people because it only provides six basic options, including email, internet and skype.

2. Microsoft Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy is a set of video tutorials that you can access from Microsoft's website. The interactive videos range from beginner to advanced, and they're a useful tool for seniors and anyone else using computers for the first time.

​Good50 is a search engine specifically designed for older users who have some vision issues. Its large font and contrast options make searching the web a little bit easier for seniors than other search engines.

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