3 helpful resources for at-home senior care providers

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Providing in-home elder care to senior clients is often stressful and fatiguing, and the nature of the job - spending a lot of alone time with just a client - can make caregivers feel very isolated. If you're a senior care provider, remember during the times you feel like you're going at it alone, that there are some amazing caregiver resources that can provide you with companionship and information. Here are three online resources for caregivers to use:

1. National Alliance for Caregiving
​The National Alliance for Caregiving was established in 1996 to provide help to family caregivers. The site's resources section includes tips, advice, webcasts and conferences among other useful information that caregivers can use to research questions or concerns that they have. 

2. Family Caregiver Alliance
Family Caregiver Alliance has every resource and piece of information a caregiver could possibly need, from advice on getting started to educational information to tools for finding support groups in your community. Within the site you can sign up for a newsletter and become part of an online caregiver group where you can discuss stresses, concerns and anything else with others. 

3. Caregiver Action Network
From caregiver forums to a vast array of information relating to providing care, the Caregiver Action Network is a great place to get information. The network itself is comprised of volunteers that you can reach out to for support or information for any of your caregiving needs. 


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