How to Maintain Balance as You Age

Maintaining good balance and strength as you age can be difficult, especially if you have home care for conditions such as Parkinson's disease. The National Institutes of Health reports that balance problems are one of the main reasons why seniors see a doctor, and in 2008, 14.8 percent of adults experienced problems regaining balance during some point in the year. Problems with balance may include feeling unsteady or as if the room is spinning. There are ways to remedy this problem and regain confidence in yourself. Read below for more tips:

Proper posture
Standing with your shoulders back and head forward can help you keep your balance in check. Bad balance can often be the cause of bad posture, so diligence in these exercises for good posture will help you avoid falls. 

Practice balance exercises
The Mayo Clinic offers an extensive list of exercises for balance control, and they recommend shifting your weight from either side of your body to gain strength. They recommend standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and rocking back and forth on each leg with the other foot slightly in the air. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then rotate to the other side of the body. 

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