Improving Safety in Your Home


Improving Safety in Your Home

Prevent falls and keep safety a priority in your home. For those who require senior care, having the proper tools to deal with emergency situations is essential, especially if you don’t have round-the-clock help. To create a space where you’re comfortable and feel protected, there are some easy tips that will make your living space that much better.

Update your bathroom
Slippery floors and water can be dangerous for seniors who struggle with balance. Remodeling your bathroom can prevent falls during a shower. Installing a bench or handles to hang onto while bathing can be helpful in case of an emergency.

Emergency numbers
Keep a board near the phone with emergency numbers. This is especially important for those who require Alzheimer’s care. By having numbers to call in case of a problem, home care workers can have access to these and patients won’t forget important names and numbers they might need.

If the lights happen to go out in your home, it’s important to be prepared. Keep a flashlight near your bed or somewhere within easy reach. If you want to prevent loss of power altogether, a generator can be a more expensive, but reliable, option.

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