4 Immunity-Boosting Foods


4 Immunity-Boosting Foods

If you want to stay healthy, what you put in your body plays a major role. Aside from getting plenty of water and exercise, you can add some immunity-boosting foods to your diet. 


The probiotics in yogurt help to keep the gut and intestinal trace disease-free. Studies have found that yogurt can stimulate white blood cells. The optimal dose of yogurt is two 6-ounce servings daily. 


The beta-glucan in oats and barley help reduce the risk of developing the flu. The food also speeds healing and helps antibiotics you may be taking work more efficiently. To get the best amount in your diet, try eating at least one serving per day. 

Fish and Shellfish

You can fight off illnesses by getting two services of fish a week. Shellfish are full of selenium which helps white blood cells produce cytokines to help clear the body of any flu viruses. The omega-3 fats in salmon, mackerel and herring will reduce inflammation and protect lungs from colds and other respiratory infections.

Chicken Soup

If you're feeling a little sick, try a bowl of chicken soup. When chicken is cooked, it releases cysteine, an amino acid that is similar to the bronchitis drug acetylcysteine. For increased power, try adding spices like garlic and onions. 

Aging adults can get help adding these healthy, immunity-boosting foods to a daily diet with the help of senior care services

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