Independence Resources

We are excited to once again celebrate the Fourth of July on the SYNERGY HomeCare blog! Independence Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our nation. For us at SYNERGY HomeCare, it is a time to renew our commitment to help people of all ages become more independent. Each day, we help veterans, seniors, children with special needs, and many other people to increase their confidence self-reliance. This Fourth of July, we would like to revisit some of our previous posts about independence.

Living Independently

Nine in ten SYNERGY HomeCare clients report that home care improves their quality of life. Find out how we help people be more independent.

Motherly Independence

Are you a new or expecting mother?  Having a caregiver to help with household chores and other needs will help you while you rest and spend time with your new baby.

A Month of Independence

Here are a few home care services that will help you to age in place or be more independent as you recover from illness or injury.

Independence at Every Age

You can be independent at any age, whether you are a senior, or a family caregiver.

Be Co-Independent

Family caregivers often feel a lack of freedom as they care for their loved ones. In this blog you will find out what you can do to be more independent as you help your loved one be more autonomous.

Take some inspiration from our founding fathers and declare your personal independence. If you need a companion or a personal care assistance to help you on the way to a self-supporting lifestyle, contact SYNERGY HomeCare today.

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