Wellderly Week


Wellderly Week

This week is Wellderly Week- a week dedicated to celebrating seniors who are young at heart. Here at SYNERGY HomeCare, we would love to kick off the party and share some great ideas on how to celebrate being young at heart.

Take a Class

Find a cooking or an art class at your local community center and learn new and fun things about your favorite or new hobby. Not only is it a great chance to continue to grow and learn but it also gives you the opportunity to meet and engage with new people. The more you branch out of your comfort zone, the more you gain from the experience.

Give Back

Volunteer at the animal shelter, a boys and girls club, or even help with people who are homebound. By giving back to your community, not only are you rewarded with the sense of accomplishment and goodwill, but you’re changing the lives of those around you. Nothing puts your world back into perspective than seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.


Now we’re not saying you should go run a marathon (unless that is already our style than more power to you!) What we are saying is stay active. From gardening to ballroom dancing to yoga or tai chi, there are a variety of ways to keep your body limber and moving. Whatever you do, don’t stop moving!

Go on a Date

Whether it’s with your longtime spouse or the cutie from the community center, take a special night to show how you care for that person. Appreciate all the ways they have helped you to feel young. Nothing says “I love you” more than a romantic stroll in the park after a candle lit supper.

Throw a Party

When we mean celebrate, we mean CELEBRATE! Take everything you’ve done this week to celebrate being young at heart and combine it into a party. Get together friends- new and old, family, and loved ones and tell them to bring the cake and balloons. Make something extra special that you learned from that cooking class or show off your new dancing skills. This is a great time to celebrate life. Spring is in the air. New life is emerging from the earth. Why not enjoy this wonderful time by eating delicious foods and dancing and laughing with your friends and those you hold dear.

Enjoy this week and every week by doing something new and different. Need suggestions or are unsure of where to start? Ask your local SYNERGY HomeCare office.

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