National Shut-In Visitation Day


National Shut-In Visitation Day

February evokes the images of snow, little furry creatures predicting how long that winter weather will stick around, and of course, little diapered cupids shooting arrows of love into unsuspecting love skeptics. What SYNERGY HomeCare would like to add to the collective conscious of February are all the people who are not able to participate in the outside world and need companionship.

What we’re referring to is all the men, women, and children who, due to physical, mental, and/or emotional reasons, are incapable of leaving their homes and live out their existence cut off from the outside world. These situations leave people feeling alone, isolated, and dispirited.

Imagine not being able to take that daily stroll with your dog or go hiking and communing with nature. Losing the freedom to grab your keys and drive wherever you want to or take in that impromptu movie showing at three in the afternoon. Even the simple task of going outside to pick up the newspaper or checking the mail is a normally activity out of reach.

Take Saturday, February 11th as a day to spend some time with your loved ones who are in this situation. Bring them a home cooked meal, baked goods, a puzzle, any kind of activity that you both can enjoy together.

Volunteer at a nursing home or hospice and spend the day talking, listening, and spending time with people who don’t have the opportunity to leave. Give them back an afternoon of normalcy.

Whatever you decide, remember that February and Valentine’s Day is more than just paper valentines and a dozen roses. Take the time to give and you’ll receive something bigger and better than imagined.

Need ideas or places of where to visit for “National Shut-In Day?” Visit SYNERGY HomeCare at for ideas and suggestions.

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