Use respite care to avoid holiday stress


Use respite care to avoid holiday stress

The holidays are often a stressful time, and that’s especially true for someone caring for an elderly loved one. The additional of cooking, having relatives come from out of town and finding time to go Christmas shopping can add up, but making use of respite care can help alleviate caused by caregiving during the holiday season.

Respite care can be helpful for a variety of reasons. For starters, caregivers who want to focus on the well-being of their loved one could use professional help in areas such as home making or meal preparation, both of which may become more important during the holiday season.

Enlisting the assistance of respite care providers can be useful during the holiday season also because they can make it easier for caregivers to visit other members of their family. Perhaps they want to stop by a family party but can’t leave their mother or father alone, respite care providers can give them the necessary time off.

Of course, respite care is not just a useful tool during the holiday season. Family caregivers may also want to make use of such services during the rest of the year to allow them to focus on work or to avoid caregiver burnout.

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