Starting Summer Safely: Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors During National Safety Month

Caregiver sharing tips for National Safety Month

Summer is around the corner and that means everyone is excited to finally be able to get out and about. That said, we can’t forget about ensuring we are safe in the place we spend the most time – our homes.

Luckily, the start of summer also coincides with National Safety Month so here are some fall prevention tips for seniors to keep your older loved ones safe.

 Reduce Tripping Hazards

The CDC reports that more than 14 million older adults fall every year, making it one of the leading causes of concern as people age. With this in mind, you should prioritize taking precautions such as:

  •  Removing Clutter: Keep floors, hallways and stairs clear of any loose items that could be a tripping hazard.
  • Improve Lighting: Ensure that all light fixtures in your loved ones’ house are working and can provide adequate visibility throughout the night. A faulty light bulb can turn a trip for a midnight snack into a tricky trek.
  • Secure Mats and Carpets: Make sure throw rugs and other flooring decorations are properly secured and laid evenly on the ground. Non-slip adhesives are widely available and provide an easy solution for rugs that are prone to rolling up.

 Prioritize A Safe Bathroom

Falls can happen anywhere and anywhere, but according to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of all senior falls happen in the bathroom.

  • Consider Grab Bars and Handrails: Consider installing grab bars or handrails near the bathtub and toilet. These installations offer much-needed support for older adults during every bathroom trip.
  • Shower Chairs or Handheld Shower Heads: If your loved one’s shower can accommodate space for a shower chair, it’s a worthwhile investment that can make a vital activity of daily living much easier for an older adult. If possible, also invest in a handheld shower head that can allow your loved one to fully wash from any position in the shower.
  • Use Rubberized Floor Mats: While a soft rug may feel cozy on a bathroom tile floor, they’re a major hazard, especially as they collect water and slide around. Use rubberized non-slip mats for proper grip and to reduce condensation.

 Keep the Kitchen Convenient

 After the bathroom, the kitchen is the second most-likely place for falls or accidents.

  • Prioritize Accessibility: Move frequently-used items to the most accessible cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen, specifically at head level or within reach without needing to climb above the counter.
  • Keep Appliances Up to Date: Make sure kitchen appliances have clearly legible markings and are in good working condition. If the knobs on the stove are starting to wear, re-mark them yourself to make sure nothing is left on or off when it shouldn’t be.
  • Consolidate Fridge Space: Many people have an outdoor or “garage fridge,” where they store food and drinks separately from the kitchen fridge. If your older loved one makes this a habit, try to consolidate their most frequently used foods into their primary fridge to avoid an extra trip, especially if it requires them using the stairs.

If you’re looking for assistance in ensuring the safety of your senior loved one’s home, particularly with regard to fall prevention, SYNERGY HomeCare is ready to help. They are pleased to offer their team of trained professional caregivers to conduct a free in-home assessment. SYNERGY HomeCare’s caregivers, who have experience working with clients of all ages and a variety of needs, are eager to share their expertise, including fall prevention tips for seniors, to ensure the utmost safety of your older loved one.


For more information on ways to prevent falls and ensure the safety of your home, please download SYNERGY HomeCare’s free Fall Prevention Guide.

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