Veteran Profile: Meet Lucille and Henry Menard: U.S. Navy Veterans Who Continue to Serve


In honor of Veterans Day, SYNERGY HomeCare is showcasing inspirational stories of those who served—from our Franchise Partners to our clients. 

Lucille and Henry Menard, owners of SYNERGY HomeCare of Port St. Lucie, are U.S. Navy veterans with a family history of caregiving. Lucille grew up watching her mother provide personalized care as a hospice certified nursing assistant for 20 years, while Henry’s mother provided care for over a decade as a home health aide and child care educator. The duo describes their need to serve as being part of their DNA. 

Lucille and Henry joined the U.S. Navy in 2014 shortly after they were married. Unfortunately, Lucille was injured during boot camp and was medically discharged a few months later. A year later, Henry was medically discharged as well. While there are many benefits available to military veterans, Lucille and Henry both found it challenging to understand exactly which ones applied to them and how to access them.

Lucille eventually discovered CareerSource Broward, an organization dedicated to providing military veterans resources to secure long-term, rewarding careers. Not only did Lucille and Henry receive services from CareerSource Broward, Lucille started working for them, helping veterans create resumes for their post-military job search. She also became involved with Operation Sacred Trust, a group that helps underserved homeless veterans apply for and receive VA benefits and social services. Lucille still has close ties with Operation Sacred Trust and CareerSource Broward, both of which allow her to fulfill the sense of duty she feels toward her fellow veterans and community members.

“What I learned during my years of service to veterans is the need to treat them with dignity and respect. Being able to come from a place of understanding and empathy was invaluable,” Lucille said. “I didn’t get to experience the military service career I expected and hoped for, but I was able to pivot my career path to help veterans in meaningful ways. Even though I am not a soldier, I can still be of service.” 

Meanwhile, Henry became a mortgage banker. Two years ago, they started thinking about going into business for themselves. With their passion for serving others and their personal experience caregiving for aging loved ones, they immediately knew what their next step would be. The home care field represented the perfect opportunity.

As co-owners of SYNERGY HomeCare of Port St. Lucie, Lucille and Henry are committed to aiding not only their fellow veterans, but any member of their community that may be in need. 

“We truly connect with the idea of providing care that moves you–care that keeps you moving forward in your life and that moves you emotionally,” Henry said. ”Caring and serving are in our DNA and we are thrilled to be able to apply them both in our new endeavor.” 

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SYNERGY HomeCare is committed to providing exceptional in-home care for veterans and their families. The majority of our locations are contracted with the VA and because of this, we make it easy for veterans and their families to use their VA benefits to get the in-home support they deserve. For additional home care resources for veterans and their caregivers, click here.