How to Vet a Home Care Agency for Parkinson’s Disease Care

Home Care for Parkinson's Disease

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It’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, meaning that it changes over time. This can make it hard for your support group to define roles, as their involvement will evolve as the disease progresses. 

Before your loved one requires more consistent care, a smart plan is to have already vetted a home care agency that is ready to begin care with little notice. If this is the position you are in today, call SYNERGY HomeCare for a no-obligation home assessment to learn your options. It’s a great comfort to know that you have been proactive with your loved one’s care and that a home care agency is ready to jump in to assume caregiving responsibilities whenever you need them.  

It may not be today or this week, but at some point, your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease will require in-home care. Should you decide to choose a home care agency now in preparation for a smooth transition in the future, here are several probing questions to ask a home care provider to ensure you select a competent and trustworthy agency. And don’t forget to ask for references!

26 questions to ask a potential home care provider for your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease:

Services Provided 

  1. Does your agency provide non-medical services (such as bathing, incontinence care and mobility assistance)?  
  2. Do you perform an in-home assessment before starting service?   
  3. Will you create a care plan? 
  4. Do you provide 24-hour care? 
  5. Does your agency provide transportation services for clients?  

Certifications and Liability  

  1. Is your agency licensed and accredited by any government agency to provide home care?
  2. Is your agency Medicare-certified?  
  3. Do you carry liability insurance?  
  4. Are your caregivers bonded and insured for theft and client injury?   
  5. Do you perform background checks on caregivers?  
  6. Do you pay your federal and state taxes, Social Security (FICA) and unemployment insurance so our family is not legally responsible? 
  7. If the caregiver is injured in my home, who is responsible? (Many homeowner’s insurance policies exclude injuries to “domestic employees.”)
  8. What procedures are in place for emergencies? 

Working with their Caregiver 

  1. How do you pair caregivers with clients?
  2. Can we meet the caregiver before receiving services?  
  3. Do you send the same caregiver each time? 
  4. Do you provide backup coverage if the regular caregiver is unable to work?
  5. How do you monitor/supervise caregivers? 
  6. How do you document that the caregiver completed the services each day?  
  7. Will my caregiver provide a daily summary of my loved one’s day, including what they ate, if they exercised, describe their temperament, etc.?

About the Agency’s Administration 

  1. Is there someone I can call with questions or if I have an issue?  
  2. Can you provide a list of references? 
  3. What are the fees for your services? 
  4. What is the billing schedule for services? 
  5. Do you require a minimum number of hours per shift? 
  6. How soon can you begin caregiving services in my home??

Please call SYNERGY HomeCare with questions. We’re here to care with whole hearts and open arms.

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