Helping People Live Longer

A new report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development revealed that the average lifespan of an American is 1 year lower than the international average. According to the Washington Post, Americans can expect to live for 78.7 years, 8 years longer than in 1970. 

Although the number is higher than in previous years, it is growing at a slower rate than other developed countries. According to the source, the reason life expectancy is increasing more slowly is because of health care efficiency. 

The U.S. spends more funding than any other developed country in the world on health care but is getting much less on the investment, the source reported. The medical technologies domestically aren’t being used to their greatest potential in order to extend the lifespan of individuals. 

Medical scans and screenings are used a lot in American medicine, according to the report; however, patients aren’t going to regular appointments. The international average for doctor visits annually is six, while Americans only go about four times a year. 

The Washington Post said that the U.S. has the highest rate of breast cancer screenings and the best 5-year survival rate among other countries. Yet, namely because of the higher than average mortality rates due to violence and traffic accidents, the U.S. remains behind other areas in terms of life expectancy.

Staying healthy, attending regular doctor visits and maintaining a reasonable weight are easy lifestyle changes that can help you live longer. You can also turn to senior care services for additional assistance with everyday tasks.