Our Care: Personalized For You

Home is one of the most personalized places. It is where you can relax, and where you keep your belongings. What you do in your home: what you say, what you eat, who you spend time with; it’s all personal. One of the unique opportunities we have when providing home care is that we get to provide care for people in their homes. While we customize our care plans to meet each individual’s needs, our work becomes personalized when we enter their home and become part of their life.

One of the highlights of personal care is connecting with people and providing the care that changes their lives for the better. With personal care, many seniors enjoy assistance with daily activities. People recovering from surgery, injury, or chemotherapy need personal care as they recover. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, ALS , and arthritis are conditions that are made easier with personal care. But what exactly is personal care? Below are some of the many ways our personal care services can help people.

Transfer and Mobility Assistance

If you have trouble with mobility, getting around the house can be tough and even painful. Limited mobility shouldn’t keep you confined to your bed, so our caregivers can help with transfers out of bed, into a wheelchair, and even into the car. We can also provide assistance with walkers and canes and look out for safety hazards that may cause a fall.

Personal Hygiene Help

Assistance with bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, and other personal bathroom activities is a big part of personal care.  You still want to be clean and keep up your personal appearance routine, even if you need assistance. We respect your privacy and are here to help.

Mealtime Assistance

Nutritious meals go a long way toward regaining and keeping health. While you are busy getting better, our caregivers can be busy in the kitchen.

Light Housekeeping

Needless to say, when you don’t feel well, your highest priority may not be housework. Our caregivers can help you by providing assistance with light housekeeping and laundry so that your home is clean, tidy and comfortable.

Assistance with Doctor’s Orders

We are not doctors, but we can help you do what they say. When you return home from the hospital, or have an ongoing condition, you see your doctor regularly. Your caregiver can coordinate doctor and physical therapy appointments and provide transportation to those appointments. Then when you get home, they can remind you to take your medication and communicate your progress with family members.

Safe, comfortable, clean, and taken care of; you can feel that good with a personal caregiver. Contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office for more information about Personal Care services and how they can help you.