6 Reasons for a Family Caregiver Backup Plan

As a family caregiver, you know that times can become challenging as you care for your loved one.  You also know that sometimes it can be hard to coordinate care when you are sick or have another commitment away from home.  The more you experience the rewarding role of a family caregiver, the more you know the importance of having a Plan B for caregiving.

One of the most common causes of caregiver burnout is a lack of respite during times of high stress.  This can decrease your physical, mental and emotional health along with increasing any feelings of depression or anxiety.

Having a backup plan will help you with your daily responsibilities as well as your long-term health and wellness.

Here are some potential instances in which you may need a back-up plan.

Illness – getting sick is common, especially in the winter months.  If you come down with a cold or the flu, you may want to stay away from you family members who may be in more delicate conditions.  Getting them sick will only hinder their progress as well as your own.

Important events – You have your priorities straight – family comes first.  Skipping out on social occasions and certain event to spend time with your loved one is normal for you.  But what happens when your teenager graduates from high school, or your brother is getting married?  Some celebrations cannot be missed.

Career – You try to coordinate your caregiving around your job.  According to Familycaregiving101.com, 62% of family caregivers like you have had to adjust their work conditions in order to provide care. You need an income, but your family member needs you at the same time.  This can be very difficult, especially if your job requires you to travel.  Having someone to check on your mother while you are at work can make all the difference.

Life Maintenance – Hang-ups happen all the time: your car is in the shop, you are in a long line at the grocery store, the electricity goes out in your house.  These are all things that need to be taken care of, but also represent time and energy away from your loved one.

Children and Spouse– Your child of any age means the world to you.  As you continue to give them daily love and support, you may feel that you are not spending enough time with your elderly loved one.

Distance – While many family caregivers live close to their loved one in need, it may take you more than 30 minutes to drive to their residence, depending on traffic.  If your family member’s need are more immediate, you may feel helpless to reach them promptly.  Having a closer source of care can ease your mind and provide a shorter reponse time in an emergency.

Creating and implementing a backup plan can decrease your stress levels, and more importantly, better serve your ailing family member or friend in need.

Check our blog and social networks for our upcoming post on the 3 Essential Back-Up Plans.  In the meantime, please call Synergy HomeCare for any respite care that you may need right now.