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Companionship: An Important Part of the Healing Process

After an extended stay in the hospital it can be difficult for many nurses and case workers to see patients leave without any supplemental support.  Though they would like to ensure the sustained health of a patient, medical professionals are inundated with new people to help.  When patients no longer need medical attention, they are discharged.

Companionship: An Important Part of the Healing Process

Though sick, aging and injured people eventually heal enough to be sent home from the hospital, they might not be in the proper condition to maintain a healthy life at home.  The healing process continues even after medical attention is discontinued.

This is where home care comes in.

Oftentimes, family members are not able to commit the time and energy necessary to care for a sick, elderly or disabled relative.  Oftentimes, all a loved one needs is a helping hand from a friendly source.

In other words: a companion.

The physical and emotional benefits of a companion are so great that it is almost impossible to measure them.  At Synergy HomeCare ,we believe that it is important to build a relationship with the people we serve, help them to feel secure, and build their self-worth and independence level. .  Providing emotional care and treating clients with dignity and respect are important elements to caregiving.  A loving companion strengthens a client’s wellbeing.

Certain activities are crucial after a hospital discharge, or for residents at assisted living facilities.  These include:

    • Assistance with daily routines
    • Medication reminders
    • Planning social activities
    • Transportation
    • Meal preparation
    • Engaging conversation
    • Encouragement, assistance with light exercise and movement
    • Organization
    • Recreational activities

Visit our companionship services page to learn more about how our companion caregivers can assist a discharged patient complete the journey of recovery.