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Local Senior Care Partners

TLC Moving and Storage:

A high touch, low cost moving company that specializes in senior moves, with no frills. They will do any and all things requested by client while charging only for what client values or wants done. They respond on short notice and accommodate all customer special requirements.

Phone: (206) 762-5656

Fax: (206) 762-8543

Email: [email protected]

SASH Realty

4800 S. 188th St. Suite 220 Seatac, WA, 98188

888-400-SASH (7274)


An unusual firm that assists seniors who need to liberate funds from their home before it is sold, in order to move into a facility. They offer various packages, but the one of most interest involves them fronting approx. 50% of the assessed home value. They will them do as much as customer requests regarding disposing of furniture, personal affects, prepping home for sale. After the sale of the home is completed, they take out for whatever services were agreed to, then pass a check for remainder to client. Solve lots of problems for folks who do not have the means to handle all the logistics of a home sale, but need the money to move out anyway.

Dr. Susanne Gee

4744 41st Avenue SW, Suite #104

West Seattle, Washington 98116

Phone: 206-932-3884

Fax: 206-932-3885

Email: [email protected]

Skin cancer screening and care. Kind reliable, affordable. 

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