Caregivers in Blue Ridge WA: Showing Your Parent How Thankful You Are for Them This Season


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Showing Your Parent How Thankful You Are for Them This Season

Caregivers in Blue Ridge WA

Caregivers in Blue Ridge WAIn your role as a family caregiver it can often seem like you are the one who is important to your aging parent. You are responsible for meeting their needs, keeping them safe and healthy, and supporting their mental and emotional health. As Thanksgiving approaches, however, it is important that you remind yourself and your aging parent that they are important to you as well and that you are very thankful for them and for your ability to care for them. Not only will this help to reduce your caregiver stress and add more meaning to your care journey, but it will also bond your relationship with your parent so that you can carry the memories and value of this care journey with you well into the future.

Use these tips to show your parent how thankful you are for them this season:

• Make them special dishes. Your parent might not be able to participate in the preparation of the Thanksgiving feast the way that they used to, but that does not mean that you cannot make it special for them. Show them how much you love them and how thankful you are that you get to spend this holiday season with them by preparing special dishes for them. Think of the dishes that have always been your parent’s favorites and make sure that they are on the dinner table. You can also continue this throughout the rest of the season, making them special meals to enjoy during busy times when you might not be able to spend as much time with them.

• Share memories with them. Memories are precious to older adults whether they are facing cognitive decline such as is related to Alzheimer’s disease or not. Sharing the memories that you have of your aging parent and the times that you have spent together is a precious way to remind them of your relationship and to show them that you still see them as the parent who you have always loved, not just an aging adult who you take care of.

• Tell them. The best way to show your aging loved one that you are thankful for them this season is just to tell them. Sit down with them and express to them how much you love them, are thankful for the role that they have played in your life, and are grateful for the opportunity that you have to give back to them by caring for them. Tell them that even when you are facing challenges and difficulties in your care efforts for them, that you are still thankful that they are around and that you can ensure that they get the level of care that they deserve. Be sure that you can tell them why you are thankful for them by mentioning specific ways that they have impacted your life and have made you into the person who you are today. Remember that they did not just make sure that your basic needs were met, but raised you in a way that was specific to their personality, goals, and parenting style. Tell them why you are thankful for who they are as an individual, both for what they did for you then and for what they continue to do for you now.

If you or an aging loved one are considering caregivers in Blue Ridge, WA, or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Seattle at 206-420-4934.

Ray and Carole Fitzgibbon
Ray and Carole Fitzgibbon

Ray started Synergy in Seattle in 2010 with his business partner and wife, Carole. Ray was a U.S Navy enlisted submarine sailor and later an officer on surface ships. The Navy helped pay for a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. A Former employer helped him get an MBA, both at the University of Washington. The Fitzgibbon’s are longtime Seattle residents. Their son Joe in a Representative in the Washington State House of Representatives. Ray is a very active member of the West Seattle Club, serving the local community.

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