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Administrative Assistant

Job Title:

Administrative Assistant

Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (8:30AM – 3PM)


Arlington, Virginia

Job Title of Immediate Supervisor:

Office Manager

Position Summary:
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for day-to-day office activities in support of all operations: answering calls and emails; interfacing with caregivers; human resources tasks; and other administrative work as assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities Required of the Position:

The Administrative Assistant shall be responsible for assisting with the day-to-day management of the Office as follows:

  1. Comply with the policies and procedures approved by the CEO/Owner and helping to ensure that staff and Caregivers understand and comply with policies and procedures.

Human Resources

  1. Respond to caregiver inquiries using telephone and email
  1. Assist with new-hire orientation session:
    • Maintain inventory of orientation paperwork packets
    • Enter new employees into eRSP during Orientation session
    • Collect paperwork and make personnel files
    • Submit CG facility documents to the Facilities via fax to the ED or Nurse (eg. Brandywine, Paul Spring)
    • Create Caregiver ID badge after Orientation
    • Make Mask and Glove bags for the new hire (Pandemic time)
  2. Assist with Caregiver annual performance evaluations
    • Conduct file audits for current required documentation
    • Schedule the evaluations with caregiver and HR

Data Management

  1. Input caregiver information into the eRSP database
  1. File Timecard/Activity Daily Log Sheets, Care Notes and all other client information into electronic client files within 7 business days.
  2. Move electronic CG documentation files to client files weekly
  3. Box up client and caregiver files as requested by HR and Scheduling Managers, and identify contents plus a destruction date on each box

Caregiver Documentation Submission

  1. Call caregivers who do not submit timesheets by the deadline and document when the timesheet will be received. Follow up to get all timesheets submitted.
  1. Document all information in eRSP
  2. Counsel and coach caregivers on timesheet completion, deadlines, and other policies


  1. Prepare the task list at the weekly care conference and add the tasks to eRSP within 24 hours.
  2. Schedule TEAM care conference Zoom meetings


  1. Billing & Payroll
  1. Maintain inventory of 10 intake folders at all times
  2. Manage office equipment.


  1. Report to work on time and communicate with the supervisor when late or not able to come to work.
  2. Comply with the dress code and project a professional and positive attitude toward self, clients and other staff members.
  3. Perform other necessary functions/duties as assigned by the Office Manager and CEO.
  4. Maintain compliance with corporate policy and applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Ensure the office maintains consistent focus on customer service;
  6. Comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA);

Minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Minimum requirements include:

  1. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills;
  2. Demonstrated understanding of high-volume service operations, human resources, and administration experience in a customer service focused industry
  3. Microsoft Office skills
  4. Ability to balance multiple tasks simultaneously
  5. Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills (especially on the telephone)
  6. Ability to handle occasional stress due to multiple calls and inquiries, and angry or upset clients.

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Thank you. 

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