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The most common reasons
people need in-home care

Do any of these reasons resonate
with your situation?


I don’t want to bother my children or grandchildren
My kids are so busy and live across time. They have their own lives. And I don’t want to be a burden.

Give me a break
I'm a family caregiver who needs respite care once in a while.

My aging parents need a little extra help
My parents are showing signs of aging and need some help with everyday living a few days a week.

Broken bones from a fall 
My dad broke his hip and needs in-home care for meals, bathing, dressing and getting around.
Although my mom is in assisted living, she needs around the clock care for a few weeks since she fell and broke her hip.

Memory care 
My mom has Alzheimer's and needs 24/7 non-medical care.
My dad has dementia and needs daily help at home for meals, med dosing, light housekeeping, etc., .just in the late afternoons until bedtime. 

Companionship: My mom is lonely
My elderly dad passed away a few months ago and my mom is extremely lonely.  She needs a few days of companion care each week for conversation, playing cards, etc.,to boost morale. Something she can look forward to.

Dignity or is it strong-willed?  
My very proud, 87 year old mother refuses to leave her home for an assisted living community. She did agree to have a caregiver come over daily to help her with everyday living---maybe five hours a day.

Feeling guilty for not able to visit often as you'd like
I live hours from my elderly parents and am worried about them. I need someone to look in on them, assess their lifestyle and help me with a care plan---then I might sleep at night.

Chronic illness 
I have a chronic illness and require some in-home care and errand running.

Errands and transportation
My aunt needs transportation, help and supervision while at dialysis.

My son is disabled and needs help with his day-to-day.
My adult daughter is autistic, lives by herself and needs daily help with living.

After hospital/surgery home care
My wife just had surgery and the doctor said she'd heal faster with surgical aftercare at home.

The baby blues
I just had a baby and need some help a few days a week while I adjust.
No one prepared us for postpartum depression after the birth of our son. My wife needs some help at home to help cope better.

We’re on vacation and need a caregiver 
We’re taking my elderly mother on vacation with us and will need a caregiver for her while we go sightseeing.  


Why are you seeking in-home care
and how can we help?

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