Four Ways to Determine if Your Senior Is Getting the Right Nutrients


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Four Ways to Determine if Your Senior Is Getting the Right Nutrients

​Not getting the right nutrients can do a lot more damage to your senior’s physical health than either of you might realize. The trick can be noticing when she’s maybe not eating as well as she should be.

Her Weight Is Changing

Weight fluctuations can have a variety of meanings for your aging adult. She might be experiencing health difficulties or she could be dealing with problems getting the right nutrients on a regular basis. If your senior isn’t eating well or if she’s hardly eating at all, she might be losing weight without making any other changes. Keep in mind, though, that people can also gain weight when they’re not eating properly. Any big changes either way in your senior’s weight could mean that something is going on.

You’ve Noticed that She Looks a Little Different Lately

Perhaps what you’re noticing isn’t that your senior is gaining or losing weight, but that she just looks different. She could be looking more tired than usual, especially if digestive issues are interrupting her sleep. Her skin may also start to show signs of dehydration or dryness, which can point to lack of nutrients and to a problem with hydration. Any big changes in your senior’s overall appearance can be an indication that she’s not getting all that she needs.

Her Immune System Seems a Little Slower

When your elderly family member isn’t eating what she needs to be eating, her body isn’t getting what it needs to keep her as healthy as possible. Her immune system slows down and that can be visible in a variety of different ways. Small wounds, like paper cuts or scrapes, might take longer than usual to heal. Or your senior might notice that bruises take longer to heal than they used to. Watch also for other signs, like your senior getting sick with minor illnesses easily and having a hard time getting better.

Her Kitchen Brings up More Questions

Get into the habit of paying attention to what’s in your senior’s kitchen. Just noticing what’s in her pantry or her refrigerator can help you to spot what she might be eating, how her eating habits have changed, and where she might be experiencing difficulties nutritionally. If cooking is becoming difficult, for instance, it’s important to know that so you can put solutions in place. One of the best might be hiring home care providers to handle cooking and cleanup for her.

Any time that you suspect that your senior’s health is suffering due to her diet, make sure that you talk with her doctor. Her doctor can determine whether this is something to be concerned about or not and help you and your elderly family member to come up with a plan to take care of whatever is happening.

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Shanna Tourtlotte

Shanna Tourtlotte has been the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2011.

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